600 threads to every inch makes some very indulgent bed linen...
Is this bed linen right for you? Our 600 thread count sheets are a relatively new addition to the shelves. So here’s a little more about it.
200 thread count was once king of the crop. But now you can go up to 1000 thread count and, to confuse the matter, there are new terms like Supima and Genuisa being thrown around. What’s it all about? You can generally assume that thread count indicates thickness and heaviness, with 200 thread count being a good basic level. The higher you go the thicker the sheet, but good cotton makes it softer and suppler. Supima and Genuisa, for instance, are trademarked cotton blends that have longer yarns for a softer drape and longevity.
600 thread count bedding is going to last for ages. It’s a good balance between snuggly and crisp, thick enough to make the bed neatly, but also to need a bit of ironing. If you dream of sheets that are fresh, smooth and folded at the edges, then our 600 thread count sheets have the old-fashioned feeling you’re looking for.

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