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  1. Luxury Pure Silk Duvet
    Midweight & naturally breathable
    £75.00 - £276.00
  2. Luxury Pure Silk - All Season Duvets
    Midweight & naturally breathable
    £171.00 - £276.00

2 Items

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Real luxury is not about having expensive things. It’s about your quality of life.
We believe that good quality sleep is important. It improves your health, your life skills, and your mood. It’s not an indulgence; it’s a foundation for life.
So don’t think that luxury silk duvets are extravagant – they don’t need to be. At Soak&Sleep we bring you the very best for your money. Whatever you can spend, you’ll be pleased with the quality. Try a little luxury and you’ll find it’s well worth it!
Our expert says: “For years we’ve specialised in luxury silk duvets. They feel luxurious because of their unparalleled quality and finished with expertise. But it’s the details that reveal the quality. Our luxury silk duvets are hygienic and certified, with incredibly breathable, moisture wicking properties, making for an incredibly comfortable duvet, keeping you cool and fresh at night.”

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