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Spring and Autumn Duvets - 7.5 Tog, 9 Tog & 10.5 Tog Duvets FAQs

What is the best tog duvet?

A mid-weight duvet will easily cover you for over half the year. Many people also find a 9 tog duvet or 10.5 duvet cosy enough for winter (possibly with an extra blanket or two) and cool enough for summer. Not too hot, not too heavy; this is the perfect medium tog duvet suitable for average temperature sleepers.

What tog duvet for spring?

Medium-weight duvets tend to be best for spring, for example 9 tog duvets or 10.5 tog duvets. However, because spring is unpredictable you might want to have an extra blanket or throw handy in case the temperature drops and you need an extra layer. Our duvet buying guide is the perfect place to find out more about choosing the right duvet.

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