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Cotton has been used for over 6000 years for a wide range of purposes, including clothes and of course towels and bedding. Easy to care for and wash, this natural wonder fibre also provides a heavenly softness, the perfect ingredient for "don't want to get out of bed"-bed linen, and "wrap me up" towels.


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What makes Cotton the perfect ingredient?


A material that will last a lifetime...


Drift off with divine, luxury smoothness...


Moisture-wicking fabric that feels so good against your skin...

Sleep like an Egyptian...

There is a wide variety of cotton sold worldwide in the bedding industry. Our cotton products are made from natural fibres primarily from Egypt or the USA.

When transforming the cotton from plant into bedding and towels, the yarns have to go through the process of being spun using high-speed compact spinning technology. This is to ensure that all the fibres are perfectly aligned, our suppliers then work their magic to create the most incredible ranges.

Voilà, and there you have it!


Grown only in Egypt, our Egyptian cotton products are sourced from perfect conditions to produce longer, finer, soft fibres that are unlike an other.


Likewise, with our Supima cotton, grown in the USA the strong, extra-long-staple cotton fibres are extremely soft and luxurious.

Once grown...

...all the raw cotton balls are safely shipped to India (where we make our bed linen) and Turkey (where we make our towels).

Does Thread Count, Count?


Feel delightfully fresh and crisp when you sleep under this classic bed linen.


For boutique bedding quality, expect nothing less than this soft and smooth, classic bedding.


Drift off with the divine smoothness of these silky-smooth, luxurious, sateen weave sheets.

Soak&Sleep’s Cotton

Cotton is a classic for your bedroom and bathroom. So if your impressed, then be sure to check out some of our latest product videos. Also, let us know how you feel about our Egyptian Cotton products via social media on FacebookInstagram or Twitter #soakandsleep.

There's good reason for Egyptian cotton being a byword for luxury, and our bedding and towels are no exception. The secret's in the long, strong, fine fibres of Egyptian cotton; superior to most other types of cotton. It's these fibres which create the magic, making our Egyptian cotton ranges so fantastic.
Egyptian cotton gives you softer, smoother sheets and luxuriously absorbent towels for feeling of complete luxury.