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Whether you're treating yourself to new pillows or hosting guests, a 4 pack of pillows is a simple way to stock up. Our range of 4 pillow packs features some of our most popular ranges, from our high-quality synthetic pillows to our blissful duck feather & down pillows. Keep your pillows at their best with pillow protectors.

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How many pillows should a bed have?

At a minimum, you should allow one pillow for each person using a bed. This means a single bed should have at least one pillow while a double, king, superking or emperor bed should have at least two pillows. However, pillows aren’t simply there to rest your head on while sleeping. They can also add comfort while reading in bed or can be used to support your legs and back. And of course, using an abundance of pillows can make your bed look extra inviting, especially if you use square pillows and decorative pillowcases. For more advice on choosing pillows and arranging them on your bed, read our blog 'How to arrange your pillows'.

How often should you buy new pillows?

It can be difficult to tell when it’s time to buy a new pillow because we become so used to the way they feel. Here are a few simple ways to tell that it’s time to replace your pillow:

  • It needs to be fluffed up part-way through the night.
  • You’re suffering from allergy-like symptoms at night.
  • You regularly wake up with a stiff neck or back.

Depending on what your pillow is made of and how it’s been cared for, your pillow will need to be replaced any time from 6 months to 5 years after purchase. Find out more in our pillow buying guide.