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You can never have too many pillows, towels or good pairs of socks. At least that’s what we think. Which is why our 4 pack pillows are such a good buy. Our 4 pack pillow buys are perfect if you’re kitting out the entire family with new pillows or if you’re setting up home. One click and you’re done - and at a better price than if you bought them individually. 

A 4 pack pillow buy is particularly helpful when Christmas or a big family sleepover is on the horizon. Having all those extra people in your house means you need to make sure they sleep in comfort. Giving them a supremely comfortable pillow might mean they can ignore the fact they’re sleeping on the floor!  

We have an impressive range of 4 pack pillows - you can choose between synthetic fill 4 pack pillows or feather & down 4 pack pillows. There’s also a choice of firmnesses - with medium firm 4 pack pillows and soft medium 4 pack pillows.

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