Goose Feather & Down Duvets

Turn every bedtime into a luxurious treat with a goose feather and down duvet. A good goose down and feather duvet is filled with airy clusters of down – just like dandelion heads – plus some feather to add a bit of weight. If you love the feeling of a goose down and feather duvet, take a look at our goose feather & down pillows and toppers for complete bedtime bliss.

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What duvet to buy?

We have a choice of blissful goose feather & down duvets to choose from. Here are some details to help you decide which duvet is best for you:

  • Better goose down means bigger clusters, for warmth without weight.
  • Most goose down duvets contain some feather – that’s to add body and weight to the duvet. The higher the percentage of goose down, the lighter and softer the duvet will feel.
  • Geese that come from colder climates have fluffier, more insulative clusters of down.

Find out more about the different types of goose feather and down duvets in our guide.

Can you wash a feather duvet?

Although you can wash a feather and down duvet, we’d recommend you don’t do so at home. Domestic washing machines don’t have the capacity that’s needed to clean your duvet properly. Instead take your feather and down duvet to be professionally washed and cleaned in industrial-sized washing machines and tumble driers. Find out more about caring for your goose feather & down duvet in our duvet care guide.