Goose Down & Feather Duvets

Goose feather & gose down make for really superior duvets. Geese are big, high-flying birds: during migration they soar to 3,000 feet upwards. Their down clusters are big and airy to trap lots of air and keep the body warm. And those huge, airy clusters are just like dandelion heads – imagine a duvet made from those!

Goose down varies in quality, from White Goose Down all the way up to Hutterite Goose Down. White Goose Down is an excellent standard for duvets: going up the chain gives you better comfort by degrees. Better goose down means bigger clusters, giving warmth without weight. Our Supreme Canadian Goose Down duvets are amazing for their light, puffy texture that retains body heat.

You’ll notice that all of the Goose Down duvets contain a little bit of feather – that’s on purpose – it’s there for body and weight.