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Do lights affect sleep?

Simple answer yes.  Minimise any excess light in your room as light inhibits the release of melatonin. Cover electrical equipment lights or switch off electrical appliances. Excess EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from phone charging, laptops etc affects our sleep.

What is a good sleep pattern?

A good sleep pattern varies from person to person but ideally one should have 7-9 hours daily.

Why do my allergies get worse at night?

Pollen counts can be higher at night and for those with allergies to house dust mites these are present in and around our beds, as is pet hair if dogs and cats are allowed to sleep on our beds.

Nasal congestion and rhinitis (running nose) are worse lying down compared to standing up, and we have less to distract us at night.

Does cat napping during the day count towards beauty sleep?

There are differing viewpoints on napping amongst experts and you can find studies that are pro and some that warn against them. While cat naps might help those who battle with fatigue or low energy throughout the day, it is unlikely that your skin will reap any benefits.

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