Our Zip&Link

Connecting you to a better night’s sleep

What is a Zip&Link Mattress?

When you’re investing time and money into buying a mattress it’s important to get it right. Our new Zip&Link feature helps minimise fuss and maximise your quality hours sleep.

Our Zip&Link mattresses allow you to zip together two single mattresses to create a superking width bed. We have something for everyone, as our Zip&Link mattresses are available in both medium firm and firm options.

Is a Zip&Link for me? 

Perfect for hotels & guest bedrooms

These mattresses are eaisily seperated

A practical solution for small homes

Narrow staircases and small doorways aren't a worry, your mattress can be easily carried to the bedroom

Minimise sleep disturbance

Independent spring systems cater to each sleepers needs preventing your restless bedfellow from waking you

Prevent rolling inwards

Bed sharers with noticeably different body weights can sleep soundly

How it works