Hungarian Goose Down

Made with Love Made to Last

Made with Love. Made to Last.

Duvets and pillows may look the same, but it’s the materials, construction and benefits that count. Hungarian goose down is considered to be one of the finest quality of downs due to its gloriously large clusters, so it’s no wonder that this best-selling range is a customer favourite!

Crafted by a family-run business, our Hungarian pillows and duvets are made to the highest of standards with impeccable attention to those little details that make a big difference. Extra special care is put into every stage of production at the sustainable factory where the range is lovingly made.

The filling is washed in heated spring water from a natural spring and sorted using a wooden sorting machine to grade the down clusters. Each duvet and pillow is hand finished, encased in a beautifully soft 280 thread count cotton casing, and has an authenticity certificate, with a traceable serial number (so you can be sure you’ve bought the real thing!). The fill is also approved by Oeko-Tex, EDFA and No-mite. Browse this indulgent and ethical range that's been commissioned, sourced and double-checked by us, and certified by thousands of delighted customers.

What’s more, with a product guarantee of 15 years on duvets and 5 years on pillows, you're guaranteed long term luxury for as little as 0.4p a night. Light, lofty and incredibly insulating, made with love and made to last. 

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What is Hungarian down?

Our Hungarian Down duvets and pillows are made with Hungarian down in Hungary by the country's finest family-owned manufacturer. If it's not made in Hungary from Hungarian down, you can't call it Hungarian! Plus, our little factory uses wooden sorting machines to grade our down. Wood is anti-static, so the down is separated with more precision. This helps to preserve the naturally large down clusters and give it that cloud-like sensation!

Every one of our Hungarian duvets and pillows comes with an individual Hungarian Chamber of Commerce certificate of authenticity. What's more they also they are certified by EDFA (European Feather and Down Association), Oeko-Tex and No-Mite.