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  1. Classic Memory Foam 1000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Great value comfort and support

    Starting at £255.00

  2. Luxury Memory Foam 3000 Pocket Spring Pillow Top Mattresses
    Highly responsive dual-layer support

    Starting at £605.00

  3. Latex 3000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Cool & fresh responsive support

    Starting at £511.00

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  4. Luxury Cashmere 4000 Pocket Air Spring Pillow Top Mattresses
    Highly responsive with pillowtop

    Starting at £805.00

4 Items

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It's a please-anyone mattress choice, and ideal if you're buying for someone else. Many of our mattresses measure up to be a medium-firmness, but we're particularly keen on the incredibly Cashmere and Latex mattresses from our naturals range.

A medium mattress is ideal for side-sleepers as it accommodates shoulders and hips sinking into the mattress for better spinal alignment. That said, back and tummy sleepers will get on very well with these medium tension mattresses as well.

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