Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Elevate your bedtimes with a new pocket sprung mattress. Renowned for their support and comfort, we have a wide range for you to choose from such as our temperature-regulating Wool 2000 pocket sprung mattress and luxurious 4000 pocket sprung mattress. Once you’ve chosen your new pocket sprung mattress, be sure to invest in a mattress protector to keep it at its best.

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  1. Natural 8250 Pocket Spring Pillowtop Mattress
    Starting at £1,250.00 £1,250.00 - £2,150.00
  2. Natural 5750 Pocket Spring Mattress
    Starting at £1,150.00 £1,150.00 - £1,950.00
  3. Pure 1500 Pocket Spring Mattress
    Starting at £470.00 £470.00 - £750.00
  4. Pure 2000 Pocket Spring Mattress
    Starting at £545.00 £545.00 - £990.00
  5. Natural 3250 Pocket Spring Mattress
    Starting at £850.00 £850.00 - £1,750.00

7 Items

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Customer Reviews 

What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress is sometimes also referred to as a pocket coil mattress. In a pocket spring mattress, each spring is individually cased, working independently so you get reactive support and movement where you need it. This is different to a continuous spring mattress where the springs are interconnected and move in response to one another – a little bit like a ripple effect. Because of the way the springs move independently, pocket sprung mattresses are very good news for anyone who shares a bed. That’s because you'll barely notice your partner's movements – making them especially practical if one of you is a light sleeper or if you go to sleep and get up at different times.

One of the other benefits of a pocket spring mattress is the ‘memory’ in the springs. This means the mattress ‘bounces’ back, for a springy, supportive sensation. Good quality pocket spring mattresses will last for many years to come. 

How often should you turn a pocket sprung mattress?

As with all mattresses, you should turn and rotate your pocket sprung mattress regularly to help ensure even wear across the mattress. Doing this every few weeks will help your mattress last for longer and ensure the fillings stay even across the mattress. If your mattress is a non-turn mattress, then rotating it from top to bottom every few weeks will help it stay at its best. Find out more about caring for your mattress in our mattress care guide