What tog should you get if you share a bed?

Choose lower tog duvets for warmer months or if you're a warm sleeper. For the colder months or if you're a cold sleeper, go for a duvet with higher togs.

What firmness of mattress topper should you get if you share a bed?

Take control and use a wool topper. Wool helps regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture and controlling the humidity of your immediate sleeping environment.

Try Going up a Size!

We'd always recommend going as big as you can when choosing your mattress & duvet so you both have plenty of room - the bigger the bed, the better the sleep!

Build a Personalised Sleep Space

Our Zip&Link feature allows partners who can’t quite agree on their mattress firmness to have personalised support. Plus the independent spring system means less disturbance during the night - where do we sign up?

Each to their Own

Does your duvet always seem to go walkies in the night? Why not do as the Europeans do and sleep with two singles - even better you can choose your ideal tog & fill.

Better Sleep, Better Relationships?

Our partners can have a bigger influence on our quality of sleep than we realise.  When you know the facts, it makes sense:

- 49% of sleepers are more likely to be irritable after a bad night of sleep
- 41% of sleepers are kept awake by their partners snoring
- 32% of sleepers disturb one another due to differences in wake times
- 17% of sleepers are more likely to argue after a bad night's sleep

Top Tips

The bigger the better
Our top tip for a harmonious bedtime? Go as big as you can in your choice of mattress and duvet so you have plenty of room (and duvet!) to yourself when it comes to those precious hours of sleep.

Sweet harmony
Highly responsive mattresses can make all the difference if you are experiencing disturbance by partner movement or roll-together through the night.  Try a Zip&Link mattress, they feature two separate spring systems that respond individually to you and your partner.

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