Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting

Bed wetting, incontinence and night time accidents are issues that we all face but sometimes don't like to talk about.  No sleep subject is taboo for our Sleep Experts, look no further for peace-of-mind products that work hard while you sleep.

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  1. Luxury Ultra Fine Pillow and Duvet Protectors
    Breathable, Teflon-powered repellant
    £15.00 - £76.00
  2. Washable Absorbent Waterproof Mattress Pad
    Moisture locking & fully waterproof
    £16.50 - £45.00
  3. Waterproof Anti Bed Bug Pillow and Mattress Encasement
    Bed-bug barrier & waterproof
    RRP £25.00 Save 34%
    £16.50 - £54.00
  4. Luxury Waterproof Quilted Pillow and Mattress Protectors with Coolmax
    Breathable, cooling & waterproof
    RRP £27.00 Save 33%
    £18.00 - £104.50

4 Items

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How can I protect my mattress topper from spills and stains?

Always use a mattress protector on top, washing your protector frequently helps to maintain a clean and fresh topper and buying a second protector allows you to rotate with the weekly wash.

Is there a way to protect a duvet from any accidents?

We'd recommend using our duvet protectors to help protect against spills.

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Being too hot can be a nightmare when it comes to sleeping. It’s important we maximise our hours of slumber by using the right bedding and sleep routine.

Beat the Heat

Cooling, breathable and moisture wicking bedding at the click of a button - shop our specialist sleep solutions today.

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