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Think of a mattress topper as the icing on the cake. Layered on top of your mattress, beneath your sheets, it restores comfort and extends the life of your mattress. Our luxury mattress toppers are made exclusively for us to meet our exceedingly particular criteria: they are all cased in 100% cotton, double stitched, and piped.

Do you need a mattress topper?

YES… if your mattress is uncomfortable. It could simply be too old and need replacing, but it’s possible that a super-comfortable layer of loveliness might just do the trick….especially if you pick the right one.
Toppers can also help to make beds feel warmer or cooler, and provide either more support or more softness depending on the filling you choose.

NO… if your mattress has a dip in it. That means the mattress filling is damaged and a mattress topper would just sink into the dip.

YES… if you want to make your mattress last for a bit longer (especially if you’ve spent a lot on it!). A topper can also prolong the life of a mattress AND it’s a lot easier to clean or replace, keeping your bed nice and hygienic.


Mattress Topper sizes

This one's simple - choose a topper to fit your mattress. We've got single, double, king size, superking and emperor in stock and ready for delivery. It's important to match the size to your bed - unlike duvets, which you can scale up - because our toppers feature elasticated corner straps to hold them snuggly in place or they’re made in the same style as a fitted sheet – either way, they are made to fit.

Get the right fill

Natural feather and down is a popular choice as it provides a combination of softness and support. Feathers give bulk and support while the soft and light down (found on the bird’s breast) gives softness and comfort. So the firmness of your topper depends on what went into it: the more feathers, the firmer the topper. Bulkier down like duck makes a firmer topper than goose down.

The feathers used in toppers are often fairly large as a topper needs to offer a lot of support. To prevent these from poking out, feather and down toppers are often made in two sections. The bottom chamber is filled with chunky feathers and the top with fluffy down. Some toppers have a removable top layer for easy cleaning.

If you suffer from allergies then you should steer away from feather and down, but there are other natural choices available that are a lot friendlier to allergy sufferers. Wool and silk are two natural fibres that make great toppers. These toppers are not as thick and fluffy as ones with feather and down or synthetic filling and they tend to have a firmer finish. They offer a thin layer of warmth, protection and support – ideal for a mattress that’s already in reasonable condition.

Synthetic toppers can vary dramatically in firmness and support and it all comes down the thickness of the fibres. Hollowfibre will offer supportive qualities while microfibre offers softness and comfort. The two fibres are often stuffed into toppers in a similar way to feather and down (the supportive hollowfibre in a bottom chamber and the soft microfibre in the top one). Good quality microfibre toppers are sumptuous, hypoallergenic and breathable. They are usually quite thick so can be a rescue remedy for an old and tired mattress.

If you're looking for serious support, then take a look at memory foam. This high-tech material was designed for NASA and is now used to provide specialist spine and neck relief. Memory foam toppers soften under your body to provide customised sleeping support. The movement is so localised that you won’t be disturbed by your partner moving in the night. But be aware that a memory foam mattress will keep you quite warm. If you’re a hot sleeper and you want a memory foam mattress, you could get a lower tog duvet to balance your temperature.

How firm can you go? The greater the density of the memory foam, the firmer the topper will be. It will also be more durable and keep its original properties for longer. (Watch out for manufacturers who put additives in their memory foam products - we don't - to artificially boost their density.) The deeper the topper, the better job it will do for a bad mattress.

Topper buying guide

Topper depth

Topper depth is usually dictated by which fill you choose. If you would rather choose based on depth:

  • The deepest toppers, are in our feather and down and microfibre ranges.
  • If you want something a little shallower, go for a topper made from wool or silk.


Check the depth of your mattress and the depth of your topper – if they are both quite thick then you might want to consider a 40cm deep fitted sheet so that it fits comfortably over the top of both.

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