Mattress Topper Buying Guide

Mattress Topper Buying Guide

What type of mattress topper fillings are available?

We like to make sure you're spoilt for choice, which is why we supply a large range of topper fillings for you to choose from:

  • Feather & down - Our range includes both duck and goose feather & down, and firmer feather-only toppers.

  • Synthetic - Choose from microfibre, hollowfibre or memory foam.

  • Natural -  Made with pure wool.

A feather-only topper is supportive but less insulating due to the absence of down, so they're better if you want the comfort of feather without extra warmth. Feather & down toppers are perfect for colder sleepers, homes and weather. They're incredibly insulating and feel wonderfully light because of the way the clusters of down trap air to keep you warm without unnecessary bulk.

Synthetic fill toppers are made from very fine polyester fibres resulting in a practical and more purse-friendly choice. They're easy to care for and an affordable alternative to other mattress topper fills. Our synthetic toppers use hollowfibre and microfibre to add support or softness. Hollowfibre is very much like wool, its springiness adds loft and support, whereas microfibre is soft and silky and mimics the sensation of silk and down. 

Synthetic toppers are also a good choice for allergy sufferers as they're easy to wash and dry, making life that bit easier. Memory foam toppers are supportive and adjust to the contours of your body for an almost weightless sensation as you sleep.

Natural fill toppers are breathable and are perfect if you struggle to stay at the right temperature in bed. Their amazing temperature-regulating properties help wick away excess moisture to keep you feeling comfortable all night long. Natural fill toppers work well all year round because they help you stay cool in warmer weather and keep you cosy in winter. They're also a practical choice. As they're thinner and more compact than the lofty synthetic and feather & down mattress toppers they can be stored more easily. They can also be machine washed and tumble dried.


What firmness do we offer for our mattress toppers?

Take your pick! We stock soft, medium and firm toppers.


What are the benefits of a firm mattress topper?

Firm mattress toppers provide the most support to your body and also help add structure to a mattress that feels too soft. If you're prone to aches and pains, you may find a firm topper helps improve your sleeping position and alleviates some discomfort. We offer a range of firm toppers including memory foam, pure feather and microfibre.

Our favourites? We couldn't agree - one half of the office loves our Ultimate Microfibre with Silk topper, but the memory foam fans among us recommend the Classic Memory Foam topper.


What are the benefits of a medium mattress topper?

Not too soft, and not too firm, a medium topper is a good all-rounder. It adds a balance of comfort and support. You'll experience some "give" in the fill as you sleep on it. Our duck down dual-chamber topper is a great all-round medium firmness topper.


What are the benefits of a soft mattress topper?

A soft topper adds a cosy, squidgy layer to your bed. They're a good option if you find your mattress too firm. Soft toppers add the most comfort to a mattress and sleeping on them feels cloud-like as the fill "gives" in response to your body. Because of this, a soft topper may not be your best option if you're prone to overheating in bed. Think a soft topper is the one for you? Then we'd recommend our Soft As Down Mattress Topper.


Are all mattress toppers deep?

Not all toppers are deep, it's best to focus on your specific needs from your topper first. Toppers are best at adding support to a mattress or making it cosier by adding more comfort. Equally the right choice can help to regulate the temperature of your bed or add extra insulation for cold sleepers, a cold house or room.

Our toppers vary in depth, from a slimline 4cm to a super-plush 7cm. The deeper the topper the greater the level of comfort and/or support you will experience. Take a look at individual product pages for more information on particular toppers.

Remember, if you choose a deep topper you'll need to stock up on deep sheets and mattress protectors to fit your mattress and topper and cover them both. We recommend you use a 40cm depth fitted sheet and a 40cm depth protector (do check your combined mattress and topper depth before purchasing). This will mean both your mattress and topper are neatly covered.


How does a mattress topper attach to the bed?

Most of our mattress toppers attach to the mattress with sturdy elastic straps.

Our memory foam topper is different and doesn't have elastic straps. Instead, there is a textured finish to the underside of the topper that grips the mattress fabric to stay in place.


What is the benefit of a wool mattress topper?

Struggle to find the right temperature in bed? Then you need a wool topper.

Wool is a natural temperature regulator, helping keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It does this by absorbing and releasing moisture into the atmosphere so you'll always feel just right. Would you believe that it absorbs more water than cotton! It's the topper filling we recommend for bed sharers who can't agree on the right temperature. It's such a good temperature regulator it adapts to two different body temperatures in the same bed. It's also perfect if you're prone to hot flushes or you get too hot in bed.

Wool is scientifically proven to help you sleep longer and deeper, with research showing an increase in REM sleep, making them a real boost to your health and wellbeing. 

Our wool fill toppers are filled with only Australian Michell wool and covered with pure cotton. Because wool is super strong, naturally hypoallergenic, and can be machine-washed, it's especially well-suited to the elderly and allergy sufferers.


What is the benefit of a feather and down mattress topper?

Looking for luxury and support? Then feather and down is the topper for you.

Working together, feather and down are the original dream team. Feathers give the topper strength and structure, they create the firm base layer that supports your body. The down adds softness and warmth for the squidgy, soft layer to nestle into for a dreamy night's sleep.


What is fill power & fill weight?

Fill power is a measure of how well the down in your topper recovers its fullness. A high fill power rating is an excellent indication of the level of quality and size of the down. Down with a high fill power is loftier, more insulative and recovers its fullness more easily, it will also last longer than lower fill power down if looked after well.

There are two measures of fill power - the US measure and the EU measure (sometimes called the Lorch measure). If you're comparing fill power between products, make sure you compare like with like and check which fill power measure is being used, otherwise, you may end up buying an inferior product.

No matter what the fill power of your topper, you can keep those precious clusters working hard for you by regularly shaking out your topper to revive them.

Fill weight is simply the weight of the fill inside a topper. If weight is referred to as "gsm", then it refers to the weight of the fill within a square metre.


Are our feather and down mattress toppers ethically sourced?

We believe a good night's sleep shouldn't involve cruelty to animals.

We source all our feather and down products from suppliers who follow industry recognised traceability standards. Our duck feather and down products are Downpass certified and our goose feather and down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard.

Be assured that all feather and down in our products is a by-product of the food industry and will never originate from suppliers who engage in or condone live-plucking, intensive rearing, force-feeding or other forms of animal mistreatment.

For more information, visit and


What is the benefit of a microfibre/hollowfibre mattress topper?

Hollowfibre is denser than microfibre and has a full, springy feeling that creates a lovely puffy topper. It's also very affordable, making it a great-value topper filling. Microfibre is finer than hollowfibre and feels different according to the way it's used in the topper. It's typically softly supportive with a lovely squishy feeling. Some premium microfibre is so soft it can be used as a realistic substitute for down in synthetic toppers. Microfibre is more expensive than hollowfibre, but is still more affordable than good quality down.

Both microfibre and hollowfibre are machine washable, making them very easy to care for and a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Practical and price-conscious, microfibre gives you a luxurious feel with a prettier price tag.

They're the easiest to care for and can be machine-washed and tumble-dried (just make sure they're completely dry to avoid any clumping). We always recommend laundering professionally due to the size and weight of our toppers.

They're perfect for allergy sufferers, messy teens and anyone who enjoys breakfast in bed (remember to always use a protector with any topper).


What is the benefit of a memory foam mattress topper?

Looking for a supportive bedmate? Then memory foam is the one for you. Did you know it was developed by NASA to help reduce the stress created by the effects of G-force on their astronauts?

It adds extra padding and support to your mattress and helps support your joints and spine as you sleep, helping ease aches and pains. Memory foam responds to the pressure and warmth of your body to mould to your exact shape. When used as a topper, memory foam cradles your limbs, torso and head for a weightless sensation. This helps relieve pressure on joints and muscles and encourages correct spinal alignment to rest your body and relieve your joints and muscles of effort. Memory foam is often recommended by people with back or joint pain.

Some people find memory foam toppers quite warm, so if you tend to get hot in bed, but want the support of memory foam, we'd recommend you use a cotton or Coolmax mattress protector in conjunction with this topper to help you regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

A memory foam topper works well if you want extra support for a short time - but don't want to buy a new mattress - such as during pregnancy or after surgery.


What mattress topper filling is best for a baby, toddler or child?

For the safety of your child, you should NEVER use a mattress topper in a baby, toddler or child’s bed. A topper must NEVER be used in a crib, Moses basket, cot or cot bed.


What mattress topper filling is best for a teenager?

Teenagers can be messy, so it's wise to invest in bedding that’s fully washable.

Always use a protector over the top of any topper so that you can give it a quick wash and tumble-dry when needed. We recommend buying two so that you can rotate between washes. In addition, you may want to buy a topper that is easy to wash and dry, although it's best to professionally launder due to their size and weight.

As comfy as a topper is, it's more important to invest in a quality mattress for your teen. Growing bodies need good spinal and joint support while sleeping for healthy bone development. If they're sleeping on the same mattress they had when they were small, it's time to buy a new one - a mattress needs to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Choose a topper that will suit your teenagers bed-time needs for extra comfort or support as well as the need for extra insulation or temperature regulation.


What mattress topper filling is best for an elderly person?

We all have different needs, which become more apparent as we age. So be guided by a person's needs.

If they spend a lot of time in bed, then a memory foam topper may help relieve pressure on joints for greater comfort. Pair a memory foam topper with a Coolmax mattress protector for greater comfort. Or, consider our cooling memory foam topper which is perfect for warmer weather.

Temperature control can sometimes be a problem for the elderly. In this case, a natural filling will help regulate their body temperature as they sleep. Wool is an ideal choice as it's excellent at helping regulate our body temperatures.

If their home is cold and they'd benefit from more insulation, then a down-rich topper would be a better choice. Be mindful of how much support is needed so you choose the right firmness.


Which mattress topper should you use for each season?


Unpredictability is the name of the game in spring. Don't second-guess the weather and prepare for all eventualities with a wool-fill topper. The temperature-regulating properties of wool will keep you cosy on those nippy nights and help you stay cool and fresh on any surprisingly warm evenings. Prefer a synthetic alternative? Then how about our Ultimate Microfibre topper for a firm topper with a luxurious layer of silk to support your sleeping body and help wick away excess moisture for a cooler night's sleep.



Depending on where you live, the weather can be difficult to judge in autumn. Mild autumn nights can come as quite a surprise, so  the temperature-regulating properties of a wool-fill topper helps take the guesswork out of bedtime comfort. If chillier autumn evenings are more likely, then plump for a feather and down fill topper. You'll feel snug and cosy on even the most miserable of November nights.



Chilly winter nights mean anything goes but you are most likely to be looking for extra insulation, in which case head towards feather and down-rich toppers.

If your home is warm, then a super-snug bed may be overkill. A wool topper will help regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Be guided by your preferences and enjoy the extra comfort you'll get as you snuggle into bed.


Which mattress topper fillings are anti-allergenic?

Allergies can make life miserable, so make sure your topper doesn't aggravate your symptoms. Choose toppers with washable synthetic fills or naturally hypoallergenic fills. Memory foam and synthetic toppers are easy to keep clean, helping keep allergy-causing nasties at bay. Wool is also a great choice as it's naturally hypoallergenic and washable.


Which mattress topper filling is best for sensitive skin/eczema?

Don't let sore or itchy skin affect your sleep. Choose a topper that will minimise your risk of allergies.

Synthetic fill and memory foam toppers are easy to keep clean, helping keep allergens at bay for less irritated skin. Or consider a wool-fill topper as wool is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Its temperature-regulating abilities also mean sensitive skin will stay at a healthy temperature for a better night's sleep.


Which mattress topper filling is best for asthma?

As lovely as feathers feel, they can spell real trouble for asthma sufferers. So, go for one of our hypoallergenic options. Microfibre is wonderfully soft and mimics the feel of down - it’s also fully washable, helping keep allergens at bay. Memory foam and hollowfibre are similarly washable, which makes them a good choice. If you'd prefer a topper with natural credentials then choose wool. It's naturally hypoallergenic and washable so ideal for a healthy night's sleep.


Which mattress topper filling should you get if you share a bed?

Bed sharers can sometimes find things a little heated. After all, with two bodies in the same small space, it's only natural your bed may feel too warm. Or you might find you can never agree if it's too hot or too cold, with one feeling like a hot water bottle and the other a block of ice. Adding a wool topper to your bed will help make bedtimes much more comfortable. Wool is naturally temperature regulating as it absorbs and releases moisture in the immediate environment meaning you'll always feel just right. It's such a good temperature regulator that it adapts to two different body temperatures in the same bed, for a more harmonious bedtime.

A medium firmness topper is often the best compromise, as these give you a great combination of comfort and support. If you want all-out luxury, invest in our Ultimate Goose Down topper for a super-luxe combination of warmth and support. If you struggle to agree on the perfect temperature then you might prefer the temperature-regulating properties of a wool topper. A memory foam topper is ideal if one or both of you need extra skeletal support as you sleep. And if you or your partner suffer from allergies, steer away from feather and down and instead treat yourselves to one of our very convincing synthetic alternatives or a wool topper.


Which mattress topper filling is best for sweating/warm sleepers?

Always hot in bed or sharing with a human hot-water bottle? Take control and use a wool topper. Not just for jumpers, wool helps regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture and controlling the humidity of your immediate sleeping environment. Amazingly, it can even adapt to two different temperatures in the same bed.

If you want a topper with more support, then how about a duck feather topper or our Ultimate Microfibre topper? They both provide extra support without too much additional insulation. Our Ultimate Microfibre topper has a layer of pure silk which is excellent at helping wick away excess moisture to keep you cool.


What mattress topper firmness should you get for pregnancy?

Every pregnancy is different, so the topper you choose will depend on your particular needs. The extra heat that comes with pregnancy may mean you'd prefer a natural fill to help you regulate your temperature a little better. Wool toppers are temperature regulation super-stars and will help you and your partner stay at a comfortable temperature all night. If you'd like extra support on your back, legs or bump, then consider investing in a body pillow.


What mattress topper firmness should you get for an old bed?

Toppers are a wonderful addition to a bed, but if your mattress is damaged, past its best or old (over 7-10 years), we'd recommend you buy a new mattress. A topper isn't designed to fix these types of issues. Toppers are best at adding support to a mattress or making it cosier by adding more comfort. Equally the right choice can help to regulate the temperature of your bed or add extra insulation for cold sleepers, a cold house or room.

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