Duvet Protectors

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  1. Ultra Fine Pillow and Duvet Protectors
    Breathable, Teflon-powered repellant

    Starting at £16.00

  2. White Cotton Storage Bags
    Breathable, flexible bedding storage

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2 Items

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Washing and drying duvets is tricky and can be expensive, so it's a relief to find a way to protect your duvet for longer.

Simply zip your duvet into this light, waterproof duvet protector. It's breathable so you'll still feel the benefit of your specialist duvet, but is also water, dust and oil repellent, keeping your duvet almost as good as new.

But don't worry about it sounding crunchy or adding too much weight to your duvet. We've worked hard to perfect the materials in this duvet protector; so you'll probably forget it's even there.

We think this waterproof duvet protector is perfect for homes with pets, kids and anyone who breakfasts in bed.

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