Sleep through the menopause

Over 60% of women report their sleep worsens during the menopause. Our specialist products can help you alleviate the symptoms of the menopause, allowing you to get the rest you need, every night. 

Case Study with Meg Mathews Herself! 

We chatted to menopause activist & entrepreneur to talk further about the fantastic work she's doing, and her top tips.

megs menopause conference 2019 soak&sleepmegs menopause conference 2019 soak&sleep

Megs Menopause Conference 2019

We were honoured to sponsor this years taboo-busting event, read more about it here.

The menopause is a natural process that every woman goes through, but that doesn't make it easy. With fluctuating hormone levels, women suffer from a range of symptoms including hot-flushes, insomnia, anxiety and headaches. All of these can seriously disrupt a woman's chances of getting a good night's sleep.

It's the time leading up to the menopause - known as the perimenopause - that causes so much trouble. Once a woman has gone through the menopause - that's 12 consecutive months without a period - she'll often find her symptoms improve.

There are several ways to make night-time more comfortable for women approaching the menopause. Raging hormone levels can mean anxiety is a problem. Avoiding caffeine in the run up to bedtime and indulging in a warm shower or bath, followed by drying off with a fluffy, soft towel will get you in the mood for a good night's sleep.

Choosing natural fill bedding andbed linen with temperature-regulating properties can help women suffering from hot flushes because of the way they help wick moisture away and control humidity in the area around your body. A temperature-regulating topper is also a great investment. In the lead up to the menopause women may suffer from abnormally heavy bleeding during their periods. So it's a wise decision to protect your mattress and topper by investing in a waterproof protector. And don't worry - a waterproof protector won't rustle and feel plasticky. The new generation of mattress protectors are as good as invisible, acting like an invisible shield as you sleep.