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What is the warmest tog duvet?

The highest tog duvet we sell is an 18 tog. If you were looking to create a warmer duvet, mix and match different togs with our cuff-link, tie or button systems.

Does the temperature outside impact my choice of tog?

The outside temperature is less relevant to your choice of tog than the temperature of your bedroom.

bare feet sticking out from under a dark grey duvet coverbare feet sticking out from under a dark grey duvet coverbare feet sticking out from under a dark grey duvet cover

How to ‘Wrap Up’ Warm

Struggling to keep warm? Don’t just lay there shivering – ‘Wrap up!’ and read our ‘Soak&Sleep – top tips’ for keeping nice and toasty.

white feather floating in windwhite feather floating in windwhite feather floating in wind

Made in Hungary - The Story Behind our Luxury Range

Naturally large, super-insulative down clusters provide a luxury light feeling duvet - Available in variety of togs, this range boast super warmth.

Chilly toes? Being too cold in bed is no fun and can seriously affect your ability to get a good night's sleep. But get some good advice and excellent bedding and you'll stand a better chance of staying warm and getting a good night's sleep.

Feeling cold in bed can have many causes. Perhaps your duvet tog is too low or you live in a draughty house. Some medical conditions can cause you to feel the cold and so can some medications. Women feel the cold more than men due to their higher core temperature. Many a woman shivers her way to sleep while her male partner claims he's too hot! Women may also find they're especially chilly at certain times of their cycle - hormones can affect the way women feel the cold.

Fortunately there's plenty of hope for people who feel too cold at night. You could switch to a warmer tog duvet or create a tailored duvet by joining several duvets together. Investing in an insulative mattress topper can also help by trapping warm air beneath your body as you snuggle up. Hollowfibre and down-rich duvets, toppers and pillows are very insulative and a great way of staying warm at night. You could also invest in bedding that will help you feel warmer; our French Linen bedding has excellent temperature-regulating properties and feels very cosy on chilly nights. Remember that a woollen blanket or bedspread is a great way to add extra warmth if you feel the cold. And for the ultimate touch of luxury and warmth, you can't beat a pair of cashmere bedsocks - bliss!

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