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Which filling is best for sweating/warm sleepers?

Take control and use a wool topper. Wool helps regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture and controlling the humidity of your immediate sleeping environment.

Which duvet tog rating is best for each season?

Choose lower tog duvets for warmer months or if your a warm sleeper. For the colder months or if your a cold sleeper, go for a duvet with higher togs.

Which duvet fillings are best for sweating?

If you suffer from hot sweats or are a naturally warm sleeper Natural duvet fills are excellent at helping regulate the temperature of your body.

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Celebrate National Tog Day 

A recent survey found that hot weather is one of the most common factors affecting sleep in the UK, with half of Brits dreading sleeping in the summer.

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How to Beat the Heat

Being too hot can be a nightmare when it comes to sleeping. It’s important we maximise our hours of slumber by using the right bedding and sleep routine.

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A Silk Story

Sleeping with Silk can help regulate body temperature, so it is great for couples who have varied body temperatures at night. Find out how it's made and sleep cooler tonight...

Sharing a bed with a snorer is no fun. Long-standing sufferers can choose between a disturbed night's sleep or sleeping in another room. Neither option is ideal and can affect relationships as well as your health. What's more, snoring is embarrassing. Staying with friends and family can mean the snorer becomes a focal point of conversations for all the wrong reasons!

What causes snoring? Snoring is a vibration in the tissues around the nose, mouth or throat. Snoring is especially affected by medication, alcohol, your sleeping position, allergies and weight.

There are some things you can do to reduce snoring. Sleeping on your side can really help as the tissues in your neck and throat don't collapse in the same way as they do when you sleep on your back. If there's a chance that your snoring is related to allergies then changing your bedding to new, hypoallergenic bedding can help. Duvets, mattresses and pillows can harbour a lot of allergens.

Wash your duvets, and pillows regularly and change your mattress in line with the recommended 7-10 years. If this doesn't help then see your doctor to rule out medical issues such as sleep apnoea. Your doctor may also be able to give you medical advice that will help with your snoring.

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