Too Hot

Too Hot

33% of sleepers experience disturbed sleep because they're getting too hot.  Why suffer when you can sleep better?  Browse our expert tips and specialist products that focus on temperature regulation, cooling effects and breathability.

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  1. Easycare 300 Thread Count Soft & Cool Bed Linen - White
    Smooth, lightweight easycare blend
    £16.00 - £112.00
  2. Luxury Waterproof Quilted Pillow and Mattress Protectors with Coolmax
    Breathable, cooling & waterproof
    RRP £25.00 Save 28%
    £18.00 - £104.50
  3. Luxury Quilted Cotton Pillow and Mattress Protectors
    Natural temperature regulation
    RRP £40.00 Save 54%
    £18.50 - £47.00
  4. Luxury New Zealand Wool Pillows
    Cool in summer, warm in winter
    RRP £30.00 Save 27%
    £22.00 - £68.00
  5. Luxury Cotton Pillows
    Cooling & moisture wicking comfort
    RRP £30.00 Save 27%
    £22.00 - £38.00
  6. Luxury 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen
    Smooth, lightweight Egyptian cotton
    RRP £30.00 Save 27%
    £22.00 - £138.50
  7. Ultimate Microfibre with Silk Pillows
    Breathable fill that feels like down
    RRP £60.00 Save 62%
    £22.50 - £60.00
  8. 100% Pure French Linen Bedding
    Relaxed & temperature regulating
    RRP £60.00 Save 62%
    £22.50 - £225.00
  9. Luxury Pure Cotton Duvet
    Cool & moisture wicking
    RRP £80.00 Save 70%
    £24.31 - £46.81
  10. Striped Linen Cotton Blend Bed Linen - Blue/Chalk
    Relaxed & temperature regulating
    RRP £80.00 Save 67%
  11. Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvet
    Cool in summer, warm in winter
    £38.00 - £224.00
  12. Temperature Regulating Pillow and Mattress Protectors
    Temperature control & waterproof
    RRP £127.49 Save 67%
    £42.00 - £66.00

Items 1-12 of 26

Set Descending Direction

Which filling is best for sweating/warm sleepers?

Take control and use a wool topper. Wool helps regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture and controlling the humidity of your immediate sleeping environment.

Which duvet tog rating is best for each season?

Choose lower tog duvets for warmer months or if your a warm sleeper. For the colder months or if your a cold sleeper, go for a duvet with higher togs.

Which duvet fillings are best for sweating?

If you suffer from hot sweats or are a naturally warm sleeper Natural duvet fills are excellent at helping regulate the temperature of your body.

Celebrate National Tog Day 

A recent survey found that hot weather is one of the most common factors affecting sleep in the UK, with half of Brits dreading sleeping in the summer.

How to Beat the Heat

Being too hot can be a nightmare when it comes to sleeping. It’s important we maximise our hours of slumber by using the right bedding and sleep routine.

A Silk Story

Sleeping with Silk can help regulate body temperature, so it is great for couples who have varied body temperatures at night. Find out how it's made and sleep cooler tonight...

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