1. How to create a ‘townhouse’ styled bedroom?

    Create a townhouse styled bedroom I Soak&Sleep

    Find out what defines a 'townhouse' look, and how to replicate this trend in the comfort of your own home. 

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  2. Your guide to a well-dressed bed

    Guide to a well dressed bed ISoak&Sleep

     Looking to transform your bedroom? Look no further than this guide to creating your well dressed bed.

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  3. Want to avoid dozing off this Christmas?

    How To Avoid Dozing Off This Christmas | Soak&Sleep

    As tempting as it is to have a snooze on Christmas Day, you don’t want to miss out on the fun! Read our top tips on how to avoid dozing off this Christmas

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  4. 8 of the hottest interiors bedding trends for 2021

    8 Spring Bedding Trends 2021 I Soak&Sleep

    Find out the top 8 bedding trends that you can expect to see in 2021 according to our expert, James Montgomery-Castle, Senior Assistant Buyer.

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  5. The best support pillows for shoulder pain

    Best orthopaedic pillows for shoulder pain I Soak&Sleep

    Experiencing shoulder pain whilst you sleep? Your pillow can make a difference - read more about which pillows to look out for extra support.

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  6. Sleep benefits of living with four legged friends

    Sleep benefits of dogs I Soak&Sleep

    We caught up with Yasmin, owner of Skye and Copper all about the benefits of having dogs. 

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  7. Shabby Chic Bedrooms: The Dos and Don'ts

    Shabby Chic Bedrooms I Soak&Sleep

    Create a blissful bedroom using our do's and don'ts guide of how to bring the 'shabby chic' trend into your home. 

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  8. 2 Different ways to put on a duvet cover

    2 Different ways to put on a duvet cover I Soak&Sleep

    Browse this step-by-step guide which provides two handy ways to put your duvet cover on your duvet quickly and with minimal stress. 

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  9. Flax linen vs Cotton - what makes the best for bedding?

    Flax linen vs Cotton, what makes the best bedding? I Soak&Sleep

    Trying to decide between sleeping with cotton or linen? Read some of the facts to help you make your decision simple.

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  10. 7 reasons why sleeping on linen will be the best decision you'll make

    7 reasons why to sleep on linen I Soak&Sleep

    Looking to add French linen to your bedding menu? Find out more about this wonderfully natural fibre and it’s benefits.

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