1. niix fit - Cooling Down

    niix fit cooling down

    Cooling down post workout is a good way to avoid feeling tight.  They can be done directly after working out or later in the day. It is thought, that stretching can be effective at any stage post workout. Ideally you should always finish off a workout with a short cool down, no matter how long the session was. Here are some ideas for performing your cool down.  Stretches need to be held for 40secs or more to be effective.

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  2. How to get your kids to cope with daylight saving


    The ‘Spring Forward’ clock change is almost upon us. But are you wondering why you're still feeling too tired to fully enjoy the springtime? Children's Sleep Expert, Natalie Preston, is here to give us her top tips on how we can all prioritise sleep better so that we're 'Spring-ing' out of bed each morning.

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  3. ‘When do I flip my mattress?’: The timeline of bedroom maintenance

    ‘When do I flip my mattress?’ I Soak&Sleep

    Spring is here – hooray! You’ve started to embrace the sun and stopped to smell the flowers. But at the same time your bedroom is itching for a spring clean. Not sure where to start? Mark your calendar because Soak&Sleep has you covered with a go-to timeline of when to replace or refresh the staples of your bedroom.

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  4. Blog of the month – September Winner – Curate & Display | Soak&Sleep

    Blog of the month – September Winner – Curate & Display

    We couldn’t believe it either when we were picking a deserving winner of our blog of the month for September…September!? Where has this year gone? It didn’t take us long to choose this month’s winner; someone whose created a blog that is beautiful, simple, and does what it says on the tin: much like Soak&Sleep! Congratulations Curate & Display! In celebration of her win, Tiff kindly answered a Q&A all about creating her home, treasured possession, bedtime routines, and new projects and adventures. As Tiff says, watch this space for upcoming pieces….we can’t wait! So without further ado, our September Winner…

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  5. Summer of Linen came to Victoria London | Soak&Sleep

    Summer of Linen came to Victoria London

    The Artist Residence Hotel in Victoria was feeling summery, with our launch of the “Summer of Linen.” We invited a few of our blogger friends to come down, and enjoy an evening of relaxation – and experience the ultimate wind down.

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  6. In Bed With…Lucy O’Byrne | Soak&Sleep

    In Bed With…Lucy O’Byrne

    From centre stage on The Voice to our cosy interview bed, we were delighted to invite Lucy O’Byrne to talk about life and her debut album, conveniently named “Debut”. You can pick up her album right now! You can find out where you can grab a copy for yourself by checking out her website. We’ve had it on repeat in our office and are loving it.

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  7. Sleep School Lesson 6: How Certain Foods Affect Our Dreams | Soak&Sleep

    Sleep School Lesson 6: How Certain Foods Affect Our Dreams

    Good day, class. Thank you for joining us for lesson 6 of Sleep School. We have discovered many in our previous weeks, ranging from lucid dreams to the relationship between exercise and sleep. This week, get your knives and forks at the ready as we look at how certain foods can dictate our dream state and why this happens. We’ve all heard that cheese can give us nightmares and that we shouldn’t eat to soon before going to bed. But are these factual, or just another bedtime story.

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  8. Why wait until spring to spring clean? Eight ways to spruce up your home now | Soak&Sleep

    Why wait until spring to spring clean? Eight ways to spruce up your home now

    With spring on its way, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With warmer months comes spring cleaning – a top to bottom household cleanse we know you’re secretly looking forward to. But why wait when you can start your cleaning frenzy now?

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  9. Sleep School Lesson 4: Post-exercise recovery routine | Soak&Sleep

    Sleep School Lesson 4: Post-exercise recovery routine

    This week we are jumping back to look at the relationship between exercise and sleep in more depth. Specifically, what we can do between exercise and sleep to help improve our rate of recovery and rid ourselves of post-exercise aches and tightness more swiftly. Eyes forward. Ears open. Pens ready.

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  10. Sleep School lesson 2: Nutrients & Sleep | Soak&Sleep

    Sleep School lesson 2: Nutrients & Sleep

    Good afternoon everyone, welcome to lesson two of your sleep school term, we hope you enjoyed your last class. Today we’re going to focus on nutrition and sleep. Pop quiz, does anyone know what nutrients are best to aid sleep? Another question for top marks, do you know the best foods to find them in?

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