1. Style Inspiration for Holiday Lets

    Style Inspiration for Holiday Lets I Soak&Sleep

    We picked Vicky Tilbury, owner of Peony Cottage and Thatched Cottage brains on her top tips on making her properties beautiful, and her guests leaving happy. 

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  2. Which tog is right for which season?

    Which Duvet Tog is Right for Which Season? | Soak&Sleep

    Struggling to sleep comfortably all year round? We've got you covered with our complete duvet tog guide. Find out which tog is right for each season!

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  3. Pillow Sham vs Pillowcase, what's the difference?

    Pillow sham vs Pillowcase I Soak&Sleep

    Ever wondered what the difference between a pillow sham and a pillowcase is? It’s time to find out as we explain the differences and their benefits.

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  4. Getting Ready to Go Back to School: 7 Tips for New Routine Success

    Getting Ready to Go Back to School I Soak&Sleep

    We asked our friends at School Uniform Shop the best way to get children back into the swing of school by implementing some structure and routine. Find out more here.

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  5. Britain's Shocking Bathroom Confessions

    Britain's Shocking Bathroom Habits’ Confessions | Soak&Sleep

     How clean are the people of Great Britain really? We surveyed over 2300 people to find out the dirty truth and some truly shocking bathroom habits!

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  6. Everything you need to know about waterproof bedding & pillows & how they work

    Everything to Know About Waterproof Bedding I Soak&Sleep

    Thinking you may need a waterproof protector? Find out how they work and sleep easy knowing your bedding is safe.

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  7. How to sleep well when you are camping

    How to sleep when you are camping I Soak&Sleep
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  8. How to know if you need a deep fitted sheet & what depth you need

    How to choose the right fitted sheet I Soak&Sleep

    Our 3 step fitted sheet guide has been designed to help choose the right size, depth and fabrics so you can sleep easily.

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  9. The best pillows for back pain

     Best orthopaedic pillows for back pain I Soak&Sleep

    Experiencing back pain? Do you know that your pillow plays a huge part in your comfort? Read about how to make a difference. 

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  10. The best pillows for neck pain

    Best Orthopaedic Pillows for Neck Pain I Soak&Sleep

    Struggle with neck pain? Don’t suffer in silence. Read our top tips, choose the best pillow for you, and sleep better!

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