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  1. 6 luxury items everyone should have in their bedroom

    6 luxury bedroom items I Soak&Sleep

    Create a luxury sleep space and drift off night after night with our top recommendations. 

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  2. 5 Key Ingredients For An Indulgent Luxury Bathroom Design

    4 tips for a Luxury Bathroom Design I Soak&Sleep

    We've asked Burlington Granite for all their top-tops on how to transform your bathroom in a luxurious space. Read more. 

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  3. Getting Ready to Go Back to School: 7 Tips for New Routine Success

    Getting Ready to Go Back to School I Soak&Sleep

    We asked our friends at School Uniform Shop the best way to get children back into the swing of school by implementing some structure and routine. Find out more here.

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  4. Britain's Shocking Bathroom Confessions

    Britain's Shocking Bathroom Habits’ Confessions | Soak&Sleep

     How clean are the people of Great Britain really? We surveyed over 2300 people to find out the dirty truth and some truly shocking bathroom habits!

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  5. Everything you need to know about weighted blankets

    Everything you need to know about weighted blankets

    What is a weighted blanket and do I need one? We've answered all your questions and listed the benefits of a weighted blanket for a better night's sleep.

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  6. Switch off from blue lights

    Switch off from blue lights  I Soak&Sleep

    If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, your environment may be to blame. Many factors contribute to a good night’s sleep, including soft, comfortable bedding, but some things in our bedrooms, such as smartphones, tend to prevent sleep. 

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  7. Everything to know about sleep anxiety + sleep health

    Sleep anxiety & Sleep Health I Soak&Sleep

    You asked, we listened! We pulled together all your questions surrounding sleep and insomnia and asked our resident doctor his expert advice.

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  8. What’s the difference between divans & bed frame?

    Divan Beds vs Bed Frames I Soak&Sleep

    With a variety of designs and options online, it can be confusing choosing the right furniture for you. Discover the difference between divans & bed frames. 

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  9. 5 Benefits of choosing a divan bed

    5 benefits of choosing a Divan Bed I Soak&Sleep

    Are you considering a divan for your bedroom and overwhelmed by choice? Take a look at all the benefits and our top tips on choosing a divan bed.

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  10. How to get your house ‘guest-ready’ for post lockdown visitors

    Get ready for post-lockdown guests I Soak&Sleep

    With lock-down rules changing from 4th July, you will be able to stay overnight away from your home with members of one other household so it’s time to get your bedroom and bathroom ready with our top tips.

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