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  1. Pillow Talk - What Does Britain Talk About In Bed?

    Pillow Talk - What Do Brits Talk About In Bed? | Soak&Sleep

    Is pillow talk as saucy as we think, or is there a much less romantic reality to Brits bedroom conversations? Take a look at our research.  i

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  2. Ten reasons why packing your pillow is a holiday essential this Summer

    Ten reasons why a pillow is a holiday essential I Soak&Sleep

    We all know that a pillow is one of the most essential items for getting a good night's sleep, but have you thought about taking it when you put your out of office on? There's 10 reasons why you should be making more space in your suitcase for this must-have. 

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  3. Why exercise makes you sleep better

    Why exercise makes you sleep better I Soak&Sleep

    Exercise has been proven to improve sleep, find out three reasons why with this helpful guide. 

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  4. How Some of the World’s Most Influential Women Prepare Themselves for Bed

    How Some of the World’s Most Influential Women Prepare Themselves for Bed

    International Women’s Day is a day all about celebrating the brilliant women in both your life and around the world. This global day is celebrated every year on March 8th to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women while continuing to raise awareness and fight for women’s rights.

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  5. How to create a ‘townhouse’ styled bedroom?

    Create a townhouse styled bedroom I Soak&Sleep

    Find out what defines a 'townhouse' look, and how to replicate this trend in the comfort of your own home. 

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  6. Want to avoid dozing off this Christmas?

    How To Avoid Dozing Off This Christmas | Soak&Sleep

    As tempting as it is to have a snooze on Christmas Day, you don’t want to miss out on the fun! Read our top tips on how to avoid dozing off this Christmas

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  7. 8 of the hottest interiors bedding trends for 2021

    8 Spring Bedding Trends 2021 I Soak&Sleep

    Find out the top 8 bedding trends that you can expect to see in 2021 according to our expert, James Montgomery-Castle, Senior Assistant Buyer.

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  8. Flax linen vs Cotton - what makes the best for bedding?

    Flax linen vs Cotton, what makes the best bedding? I Soak&Sleep

    Trying to decide between sleeping with cotton or linen? Read some of the facts to help you make your decision simple.

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  9. 7 reasons why sleeping on linen will be the best decision you'll make

    7 reasons why to sleep on linen I Soak&Sleep

    Looking to add French linen to your bedding menu? Find out more about this wonderfully natural fibre and it’s benefits.

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  10. 6 luxury items everyone should have in their bedroom

    6 luxury bedroom items I Soak&Sleep

    Create a luxury sleep space and drift off night after night with our top recommendations. 

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