1. Tips for keeping your guests and staff safe

    Tips for keeping your guests and staff safe I Soak&Sleep

    Hotels, B&Bs and holiday lets can now reopen for business, but what steps do you need to take to ensure your guests and staff are safe when you re-open your doors? Read our top tips and advice here.

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  2. niix fit - Cooling Down

    niix fit cooling down

    Cooling down post workout is a good way to avoid feeling tight.  They can be done directly after working out or later in the day. It is thought, that stretching can be effective at any stage post workout. Ideally you should always finish off a workout with a short cool down, no matter how long the session was. Here are some ideas for performing your cool down.  Stretches need to be held for 40secs or more to be effective.

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  3. niix fit - How to Warm Up properly

    niix fit - How to Warm Up Properly | Soak&Sleep

    During this Covid 19 pandemic, you might find yourself exercising and moving your body more than normal with the extra spare time being in lockdown. This is fantastic to see. Exercise is exceptionally beneficial for our physical and mental wellbeing and particularly important during an uncertain time like this.

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  4. How to get your kids to cope with daylight saving


    The ‘Spring Forward’ clock change is almost upon us. But are you wondering why you're still feeling too tired to fully enjoy the springtime? Children's Sleep Expert, Natalie Preston, is here to give us her top tips on how we can all prioritise sleep better so that we're 'Spring-ing' out of bed each morning.

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  5. 6 Things to know about beauty sleep

    6 Things to know about beauty sleep

    To many, a bad night’s sleep can result in bad moods, bad routines and bad decisions. But does sleep affect the way you look? It’s the age-old question ‘does bad sleep affect your beauty’, so we’ve produced six things that you need to know about beauty sleep. 

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  6. What is the difference between a duvet cover & a comforter? [5 Easy Ways To Know The Difference]

    What is the difference between a duvet cover & a comforter? [5 Easy Ways To Know The Difference]

    Find yourself getting confused with all the bedding jargon out there? You’re not the only one - trust us! We’re always happy to help our customers find what they’re looking for to complete their sleep wardrobe, so when a few asked us “what’s the difference between a duvet cover and a comforter?” we knew it was about time we created a guide to help! 

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  7. What Are The Bath Time Benefits?

    Bath Time Benefits

    Here at Soak&Sleep, we love to have a good soak in a nice, warm bath. After all, it’s half of who we are! So, being that today is Bathtub Day; a day on which we can celebrate the sacred time we spend in our lovely bathtubs – we investigated how our bath time benefits our well-being, as if we really needed any more reason to run one!

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  8. How often should you change your duvet?

    How often should you change your duvet?

    The Sleep Council recently revealed that chimps sleep in cleaner beds than humans, and so it is no surprise to find out that we often keep our duvets for far longer than their use-by date. Hidden away under beautiful duvet covers, blankets and bedspreads are often duvets that are lumpy, thin, and downright dirty, yet this bedroom item is not only essential for sleep, but also for our general health. 

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  9. ‘When do I flip my mattress?’: The timeline of bedroom maintenance

    ‘When do I flip my mattress?’ I Soak&Sleep

    Spring is here – hooray! You’ve started to embrace the sun and stopped to smell the flowers. But at the same time your bedroom is itching for a spring clean. Not sure where to start? Mark your calendar because Soak&Sleep has you covered with a go-to timeline of when to replace or refresh the staples of your bedroom.

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  10. Back to Uni Bedding Checklist

    Back to Uni Bedding Checklist | Soak&Sleep

    We understand that whether you’re flying from the nest, or waving your children off to university, you will want the transition of preparing for university to be as simple and smooth as possible. Despite being an exciting new adventure for both parties, it normally brings with it an endless shopping list. But where do you start? Buying bedding can be an expensive, time-consuming task, especially when starting from scratch. So, we’ve come up with a handy bedding checklist.

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