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  1. Latex 3000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Cool & fresh responsive support

    Starting at £730.00

  2. Wool 2000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Temperature regulating support

    Starting at £445.00

3 Items

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Prefer to sleep au naturel? What you wear in bed is none of our business, but getting you to sleep soundly is, so know this much; sleeping on a natural fill mattress will help you sleep more comfortably. That’s because natural fill mattresses are jam-packed with breathable and temperature-regulating natural fills. This means you’ll sleep more comfortably and wake up feeling fresher. Natural fill mattresses are especially useful if you share a bed and find yourself disagreeing on the perfect temperature with your sleeping partner. They’re also a lifesaver for anyone who struggles with their body temperature at night - menopausal women and people undergoing medical treatment for instance.

We have a range of natural fill mattresses available at a range of prices. You could choose the supportive comfort of a wool filled mattress, or go for something more luxurious with a cashmere fill mattress. Cashmere and wool natural fills work in a similar way, wicking away excess moisture and helping you regulate your sleeping temperature. Or perhaps you’d prefer the responsive support of a latex mattress. Similar in feel to a memory foam mattress, latex is a natural fill that responds to your body’s weight and shape to cradle your body as you lie on it, whilst helping you regulate your body temperature.

Natural fills aren’t just amazing because of their temperature-regulating properties. They’re naturally resistant to dust mites and bacteria helping you get a healthier night’s sleep all round.

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