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A double bedspread is the quickest way to revamp your bedroom. Choose from our fabulously stylish selection and you’ll be proud of the results!

A double bedspread gives you a stylish, contemporary look when it’s neatly layered up with crisp sheets and square cushions. Or, for a more vintage style, heap up random cushions in the middle!

How to make the bed #1 (for rushed, toothpaste-around-the-lips Monday mornings): Grab corners, shake bedspread right over bed, leaving untucked. Ha! How to make the bed #2 (for the days when you want it to look just like the catalogues): Shake double bedspread over bed, fold back neatly to reveal the layers, add throw at bottom and matching square pillows propped against the headboard. Easy!

Our bedding expert says: “Our double bedspreads measure 215cm x 250cm (to fit a double size mattress that measures 135 x 190cm).”

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