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  1. Recycled Duck Feather & Down Duvet
    A greener, kinder way to hit the hay.

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Lots of small changes can contribute towards something significant. We’re starting here - with eco-friendly duvets that help sleepy-heads get a good night’s sleep while minimising our impact on the planet.

Duvets don’t last forever, so when it’s time for you to get a new one, choose one that respects the planet. Our eco-friendly duvets use post-consumer waste, helping reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill, that’s burned or that ends up in our natural environment. And not only that, re-using materials instead of producing them from scratch means a more respectful use of our natural resources. Recycled products use less water, fewer chemicals and less carbon.

You might be forgiven for thinking that an eco-friendly duvet would be less comfortable than one filled with virgin feather & down or virgin hollowfibre. Don’t worry! Our recycled feather and down is meticulously sorted, cleaned and sterilised before being used to fill our eco-friendly feather & down duvets; they feel incredible. And our recycled hollowfibre fill is made from recycled PET bottle - even the soft polyester case is recycled. Each kilo of recycled hollowfibre uses 35 plastic bottles!

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