100% New Zealand Mitchell Wool Duvet

£32.24 - £190.40
  • Naturally temperature regulating
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Flexible warmth weights connect with ties
  • 5 year guarantee
Single Duvets (135 x 200cm)
  • High Summer Warmth
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  • Summer Warmth
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth
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  • Winter Warmth
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  • All Seasons (Summer + Spring/Autumn Warmth)
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Double Duvets (200 x 200cm)
  • High Summer Warmth
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  • Summer Warmth
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth
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  • Winter Warmth
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  • All Seasons (Summer + Spring/Autumn Warmth)
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King Duvets (230 x 220cm)
  • High Summer Warmth
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  • Summer Warmth
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth
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  • Winter Warmth
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  • All Seasons Light (High Summer + Summer Warmth)
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  • All Seasons (Summer + Spring/Autumn Warmth)
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Superking Duvets (260 x 220cm)
  • High Summer Warmth
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  • Summer Warmth
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth
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  • Winter Warmth
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  • All Seasons (Summer + Spring/Autumn Warmth)
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Cot Bed Duvets (120 x 150cm)
  • Summer Warmth
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In stock
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Pure New Zealand wool fill = natural temperature regulation.

So you've heard of superfoods, but what about superfibres? Meet Wool, the most unassuming superfibre of all. This duvet is filled with 100% Mitchell wool from New Zealand and is here to save you from a bad night's sleep. It may be familiar, but it's also incredible - wool really is a superfibre. Breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and a Grade A temperature regulator, wool can truly transform your sleep.

Its unique temperature regulating properties can even help those couples who can't agree on the the right duvet. Hooray for wool.

Features and Facts

  • Counting Sheep
    Filled with pure, soft Mitchell Wool, all the way from New Zealand. Sustainable, recyclable and proven to improve your REM sleep quality by 25%. Sleeping with wool helps regulate your body temperature for a more comfortable night's sleep.

  • Naturally Wonderful
    Because of its naturally temperature regulating properties, you'll experience a more constant temperature as you sleep. It creates a personal micro-climate; absorbing and releasing humidity into the atmosphere as you sleep to keep you at the perfect temperature, even when you're sharing a bed. You'll never be too hot or too cold again.

  • Not to be Sneezed At
    Wool is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Naturally hypoallergenic and machine-washable, means a fresher, brighter start to your day.

  • *Star Pupil*
    This duvet has been made and tested to make sure it's up to both Soak&Sleep and EN standards.

Technical details

More Information
SKU NZ_Wool_Duvets_Grouped
Product Guarantee This duvet has a 5 year guarantee.
Casing 100% Cotton
Filling 100% New Zealand Wool
Designed in UK
Manufactured in China
Sourced from Wool sourced from: New Zealand

Please note, that duvets from different ranges cannot be attached using our cufflink system. To take advantage of the all-seasons features with your duvet, please buy within the same range.

The Look & Feel

  • Just Right...

    Use the handy tie fastenings to pair this duvet with another to create your personalised all-season duvet. The choice of warmths in this range gives you the flexibility to go from summer to winter warmth.

  • Healthy Weight

    Wool has a reassuringly weighty feel to it with a flat profile that drapes over your resting body; less cosy, more languid.

  • Get Fresh

    Covered with an unbleached 233 thread count cotton case that that is soft, rustle free and breathable to boot.

  • Made to Last

    The carded wool fill is quilted between the soft cotton outer case and is finished with a bound hem edge for durability.


Not all duvets are created the same therefore, based in their inner and outer characteristics, they need to be cared for differently. Care properly for your duvet and it will recharge you for many years to come. Here is what you need to do in order to make the most out your New Zealand Wool duvet:

  • 1
    Protection is key
    Use a duvet protector to keep your beautiful new duvet in top condition.
  • 2
    Shake when you wake
    A vigourous shake each morning will redistribute the filling for an even, plump feel. (Bonus benefit - also a top upper body workout)
  • 3
    Pull back the covers
    Keep things healthy by pulling back your duvet to air your bed whilst you're getting ready for the day. This helps excess moisture to evaporate so your bed stays fresher and cleaner.
  • 4
    Wash at 30°C
    Every 6-12 months will do the trick - why not clean your duvet with the change of season - then it's ready for when you next need it. Store your duvet somewhere dry and away from dust. The bag your duvet came in is perfect for the job, or you could use one of our specially-made storage bags instead.
  • 5
    Dry as a bone
    Dry completely before use. The carded fill of this duvet is sewn in place but the smallest amount of moisture can damage the fill and cause the wool to clump.
  • 6
    Go with the Pros
    A professional wash and dry is always best for large items; your duvet will love you for it.

Duvet Size Guide

(W x L)
Cot Bed 120cm x 150cm
47" x 59"
Single 135cm x 200cm
53" x 79"
Double 200cm x 200cm
79" x 79"
King Size 230cm x 220cm
91" x 87"
Superking 260cm x 220cm
102" x 87"
Emperor 290cm x 235cm
114" x 93"

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