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  1. Soft As Down Microfibre Standard Pillow 4 Pack - Soft/Medium 25% OFF | CODE:TH25
    Soft As Down Microfibre Standard Pillow 4 Pack - Soft/Medium
    Enhance your bedtimes with our synthetic alternative to goose down. The microfibre fill is luxuriously soft, making these pillows perfect for anyone who wants a soft and fluffy pillow but prefers or needs a synthetic alternative to down.
    RRP £80.00 Save 17%
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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a standard pillow?

Our standard size pillow measures 50cm x 75cm (or 20" x 29.5”). It's the most popular size and is available in all of our ranges, so all you need to do is choose the filling that’s right for you. Find out more about choosing the perfect pillow in our pillow buying guide.

What is a normal pillow size?

A ‘normal’ pillow is what we call a ‘standard’ pillow. It measures 50cm x 75cm and is ideal for single, double and king-size beds. If you have a larger bed, such as a super king size or emperor size bed, then a super king size pillow (sometimes referred to as a queen size pillow) will look better on your bed. We also have square pillows (sometimes called Euro pillows) and ‘junior’ pillows which are smaller and flatter than a standard bed pillow – perfect for toddlers and small children. You can find out more about the different-sized pillows we sell in our pillow sizing guide.

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