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  1. Feather & Down Soft Pillows
    £28.99 - £52.99
  2. Luxury 60% Duck Down Pillow - Standard - Soft
    Great value down comfort & support
    Was £42.00 Save 35%
  3. Luxury Cotton Pillow - Standard - Medium/Firm
    Cooling & moisture wicking comfort
    Was £22.00 Save 30%
  4. Ultimate Goose Down Pillow - Standard - Soft/Medium
    Premium down comfort & support
    Was £40.00 Save 30%
    Out of stock
  5. Special Buy Goose Feather and Down Pillow Bundle - 4 Pack
    Limited edition comfy four-pack
    Was £80.00 Save 40%
  6. ReDown Recycled Feather & Down Pillow - Standard - Soft/Medium
    A greener, kinder way to hit the hay.
    Was £50.00 Save 30%
  7. Revival 100% Recycled Hollowfibre Pillow Pair - Standard - Soft/Medium
    Recycled & sustainable fill
    Was £22.00 Save 25%
  8. Revival Recycled Hollowfibre Pillow Bundle - 4 Pack
    A four pack of sustainable comfort
    Was £44.00 Save 25%

8 Items

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Standard in size, but fabulous in every other way - our Standard pillows are top of the class! Order some of our luscious, fat and cuddly pillows and find out how we're setting the standard...

Our Standard size pillow measures 50cm x 75cm (20" x 29.5" in old school measurements). It's the most popular size, available in all of our ranges - simply choose your perfect filling!

Begin exploring our standard pillows below - for starters check out the feather and down pillows, which are probably our favourites. There's gorgeous goose down (ranging from extremely-puffy to medium-puffy), and duck feather (slightly sturdier and firmer). You may have allergies or simply prefer a synthetic fill, so start off with microfibre (it's almost as lovely as goose down - soft and resilient). Hollowfibre is a firmer and slightly cheaper option.

Also suitable for people with allergies are the pillows in our special natural ranges. It's a diverse collection featuring latex, silk, and wool - each with different benefits to offer; latex, for example, is a deeply supportive natural option. It's an alternative to well-known Memory Foam, a specialist orthopaedic pillow that can improve alignment and reduce aches and pains.

Our expert says: "Standard pillows are precisely the right size for a single or double bed. Got a King size bed? You can get away with having Standard size pillows, but some people like to use Superking pillows so there's no gap between them. If your bed is bigger than King size, you'll definitely need wider Superking pillows."

Handy tip: The firmness you need depends on how you sleep.

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