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More of a front sleeper? There's no need to roll over, you've found the right place to browse our tips and recommendations to create the perfect sanctuary that will have you diving into bed every night.

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  1. Cotton Pillows
    Cooling & moisture wicking comfort

    Starting at £22.00

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  2. New Zealand Wool Pillows
    Cool in summer, warm in winter

    Starting at £28.50

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  3. Soft As Down Microfibre With Silk Pillows
    Breathable fill that feels like down

    Starting at £30.00

  4. Duck Feather Mattress Topper
    Great value support & insulation

    Starting at £47.60

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  5. Pure Silk Pillows
    Naturally breathable & luxurious

    Starting at £70.00

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  6. Soft As Down with Silk Mattress Topper
    Soft, breathable support

    Starting at £80.00

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  7. Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    Relieve pressure whilst you sleep

    Starting at £85.00

  8. New Zealand Wool Mattress Topper
    Naturally temperature regulating

    Starting at £85.49

  9. Goose Down Dual Chamber Mattress Topper
    Excellent insulation & support

    Starting at £100.30

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  10. 100% Canadian Goose Down Pillows
    Supreme down comfort & support

    Starting at £145.00

10 Items

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What pillow firmness should you get for back sleepers?

We'd recommend a medium/firm option, that will support your neck without tilting your head forward.

What is the ideal depth of pillow for a back sleeper?

Our Box-Walled Duck Feather pillow could be right up your street if you're a back sleeper.

Find the One for You

Being too hot can be a nightmare when it comes to sleeping. It’s important we maximise our hours of slumber by using the right bedding and sleep routine.

Beat the Heat

Cooling, breathable and moisture wicking bedding at the click of a button - shop our specialist sleep solutions today.

Like to snuggle up on your tummy? You're a bit of a rarity - only 7% of people sleep on their fronts. The good news is that sleeping on your front means you're less likely to snore, but the bad news is that it places a lot of pressure on your back and neck. This can cause back and neck pain as well as headaches and even nerve pain. If you can, it's best to try and sleep in a different position. But if that's just not an option for you then there are steps you can take to make sleeping on your front better for your body.

A firmer mattress will mean your back is better supported as you sleep. If you like a softer feeling, then you could top your mattress with a topper for extra softness supported by a firmer mattress. A soft mattress might seem tempting but because it will cause your body to curve forward unnaturally, you will be more likely to experience back pain.

A shallow pillow is best for people who sleep on their fronts. That's because they let your neck rest in as natural a position as possible. You may also benefit from sleeping with a shallow pillow underneath your hips to help take pressure off your spine.

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