Mastering Your Evening Routine I Soak&Sleep

It's an age old question - what is the best evening routine? We ask skincare experts Wo for their top tips and advice. 

A Lesson In Mastering Your Evening Routine

You’re not alone! Life is busy and being on the go all day makes it even more important to master your evening routine to set yourself up for the next day, even if it does feel like the last thing you want to do...

Building in small healthy habits will feel luxurious, giving you a ritual to look forward to at the end of the day. Make it ‘Me time’, perfecting a routine that will allow yourself time to slow down and relax for a more productive following day.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing, getting those hours in is essential for skin health and may be the easiest way to achieve a cascade of youth. When you sleep your body boosts blood flow, and the skin makes new collagen giving it time to heal and recover to give you that desired healthy glow.

Follow Our Simple Guide To Prepare For A Good Night's Sleep

Establish a unique skincare routine

  • Remove impurities and debris built up over the day with a cleanser.
  • You will also need to nourish and hydrate the skin, our go to is the Wǒ Daily Base, the Skin Diagnostic does the work for you, and it gets better, the range is 3-in-1, cleansing, hydrating and conditioning in just two simple steps.
  • Follow this with one of their Power TonIQ to target specific concerns

Sleep on a clean pillowcase (preferably silk which is the best for the skin)

  • Your pillowcase is your best friend and washing it every few days, yep that often, will help prevent breakouts as dirt and oil can build up fast and transfer onto your skin when you sleep.

Regular sleep pattern

  • Following a regular sleep schedule will maintain the body’s clock, making falling asleep and waking up easier to do, something we’d all benefit from!

Go sugar free

  • Avoid sugar close to bedtime, according to The Guardian, it can overstimulate the body, giving you energy when it’s trying to shut down and can result in poor sleep quality.

Digital detox

  • Begin your evening’s digital detox and say goodnight to your devices at least 30 minutes before sleep. The blue light that comes from screens can reduce levels of melatonin, a hormone we need to drop into that deep, relaxing sleep.

An ideal sleep promoting environment is key

  • Keeping your room cool will signal to your body that it’s time to rest as its temperature naturally drops, reinforcing its natural instinct. Sleeping with a tidy room will also help you to wake up feeling fresh ready for a new day, such a simple task but it can make your mind feel clearer and more productive

Brain dump

An overload of information built up throughout the day can cause the mind to feel messy. Writing down your feelings, keeping a diary or journal to plan the next day will help organise thoughts for a refreshed brain and better sleep.

It’s Not A ‘One Size Fits All’

It’s always handy to remember that routine is not a one size fits all, we encourage you to live in a way that makes you happiest. 


Let us know what healthy habits you’ve built to achieve better, deeper sleep!

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