Doris Lee Design Studio Showcases Our French Linen

Doris Lee is a self taught interior designer with a huge passion for architecture inspired by her travels. Doris has an exceptional eye for design – creating unique spaces through a blend of contemporary, industrial and rustic features. Her blog ‘Laid Back Living’showcases her design projects and inspirations for creating relaxed spaces as well as everyday living – we love it, so be sure to check it out!

Doris Lee design studio was recently hired to completely redesign a renovated 3-storey family home in London. From the kitchen to all 4 bedrooms, Doris Lee Design studio transformed each room in the home into a beautifully imperfect, warm and homely space. An inclusion of vintage furniture surrounded by geometric patterns, as requested by the family, really highlights the fusion of contemporary and rustic styles.

We were delighted to hear that Doris Lee Design Studio incorporated a touch of Soak&Sleep into the home’s transformation. Our 100% Pure French Linen dressed the beds giving a natural yet luxurious touch to the bedrooms. The imagery showcases our linen is fit for all! The perfect neutral tone in a colourful kiddy room…

…to a simplistic, stylish feature in another.

We love the way Doris Lee has styled our Linen with throws, giving a pop of colour and lovely texture. Thank you Doris Lee Design studio for the inspirational styling of our Bed Linen, we think it was the perfect addition to your design!