#shadesofsleep | Soak&Sleep’s Colour Campaign

#shadesofsleep | Soak&Sleep’s Colour Campaign

Fancy injecting a bit of colour into your home but not sure how? Soak&Sleep are here to help…

Our new #shadesofsleep campaign has just launched! We’re using 6 colour stories on our new #shadesofsleep page, aiming to inspire our customers to use colours in their home as well as making it easier for you to shop by colour on our site. Alongside our beautifully created colour mood boards and inspirational colour quotes, we will provide some extra design inspiration through Instagram styling and some pretty cool colourful imagery. Choose to shop Pink, Monochrome, Natural, Grey, White and Blue. 

Why #shadesofsleep?

Using colour in your homes, in the right way, can do more than just look pretty. Colour can emote thoughts and feelings through colour psychology. Colour psychology is a well-known branch of the study of ‘how our brains perceive what it see’s’. Although there is limited research in this field, it’s thought that colour has a huge impact on our brains and decision making.

What we feel, or how we feel about colour varies from person to person as colour perception is subjective. Certain colours, however, do have a universal significance, some evoke feelings of calm and serenity, others evoke feelings of anger and rage.

Artists, interior designers and stylists believe colour has a dramatic effect on our moods, feelings, and emotions. A quote from the famous artist Pablo Picasso highlights this – “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” So, we felt our #shadesofsleep campaign has the perfect place on our site.

Our #shadesofsleep

This blog is all about three of our colour stories – blush pink, monochrome and white. Hear all about their colour psychology and our chosen products for each colourway. 

Blush Pink 

The colour “pink” has many positive connotations attached to it, it’s a powerful colour which is believed to physically affect our being.  It is thought to evoke feelings of tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality and survival. Pink colour tones are thought to fit the bedroom perfectly, the light shades can be peaceful and restful. The darker, stronger shades of pink can introduce passion into the bedroom. Some find pink to be sickly sweet or assigned only to girlie personalities. 

Our Blush Pink story in our #shadesofsleep campaign links perfectly to a wide range of Soak&Sleep products. Our Blush Pink 100% Pure French Linen is a best seller and looks great with a layering of bedspreads & throws to finish the look. 


Although Black is considered to be associated with death, eccentricity and drama, it is a colour which is great to use in moderation. It can signify clarity and sophistication which is great for use in a variety of rooms in your home. Lighten it up to create grey’s which evoke psychological neutrality. Pair the darker black tones with clean, bright whites which helps to add purity, cleanliness and simplicity. Try our Midnight Grey French Linen to add a touch of drama to your bedroom.

Our Monochrome #shadesofsleep story includes a variety of lovely products from our bedding and bath ranges. Our Smoke and white towels in Supima and Egyptian Cotton can inject a monochrome tone into your bathroom, creating a sophisticated feel. Choose from a range of white and grey bed linen in both Egyptian Cotton and French Linen.


This colour is associated with hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanness, simplicity, sophistication and efficiency. So it’s a great colour to introduce into your home, both throughout the house and in the bedroom. When paring white with warmer colours it can become slightly too bright and garish, so it’s important to style wisely as you pair up colour tones.

Our White #shadesofsleep story can help inject brightness into any room. Is there anything nicer than crisp, fresh, clean, white bed linen? From classic Egyptian Cotton to relaxed French Linen, our bed linen ranges are available in the cleanest, freshest shades of white. To add white features to a colourful bedroom our white Wilton Metal beds are great, alongside our white Task Lamps. Our white star night light is the perfect white accessory to add to your children’s colourful bedrooms.

So what are you waiting for, go and browse our colour stories and brighten up your homes. Don't forget, adding a beautifully textured and colourful bedspread or throw is a brilliant way of injecting a splash of colour into your home. 

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Ruth Welton
Ruth Welton
Content & PR Manager

Ruth is our Content & PR Manager and an in-house bedding expert. With over 8 years experience in the industry and a passion for interior design, she is always in-the-know on the latest home styling trends and has all the tips for turning your bedroom into décor heaven. Outside of Soak&Sleep, Ruth loves catching the latest film in the cinema,

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