5 Top Tips for Moving House | Soak&Sleep

Whether you’re a 1st-time buyer or a 10th-time mover...we understand that moving house isn’t the most blissful experience. We also know that if you’re moving house, you probably don’t have a lot of free time to sit and research or read endless blogs about all things bedding. So, we will keep this one quick! Soak&Sleep has 5 top bedding buying tips for those of you who are moving house...

Home Sweet Home - wooden plaque

1. An All Seasons Duvet is an essential moving-house buy.

Soak&Sleep | Soft as Down Microfibre Duvet

Moving house will always bring about change. House temperatures are likely to vary depending on the build of the house. This means when moving, your duvet may need to change too. An all seasons duvet is a great way to combat this change, you can easily adapt your duvet to suit the temperature of your new home.

  • For those who prefer feather fills, our Duck Feather & Down Duvets are a real treat. They are cosy and snug and can keep you feeling safe and warm in your new home.
  • A great synthetic alternative is our Ultimate Microfibre With Silk Duvets. The microfibre ensures a light, squishy duvet, whilst the silk adds luxury and breathability.

2. Toppers are a lifesaver for those on a tight moving-house budget.

Hand print on memory foam mattress topper

When you can’t quite afford a new mattress yet, but yours is a bit on the old side, a topper can add a fresh layer of comfort.

  • Our best selling memory foam toppers can add extra support and responds to your body shape during the night. They are also great at keeping you warm whilst you sleep.
  • For those who are already toasty sleepers or don’t need their topper to be a firm support, our Luxury Wool Toppers are a great choice. With temperature regulating properties, these toppers can help keep your body warm in the winter and cool in the summer months.

3. Protection is key when moving into an unfamiliar space.

Breakfast in bed

Protecting your bedding is an important step in any home, not just for new houses. However, moving into a new house can sometimes aggravate allergies and irritations. The mounds of boxes and what feels like endless unpacking can heighten dust. It’s always best to buy 2 sets of protectors to rotate whilst washing.

4. Don’t splash out on bright colours and patterns just yet.

Soak&Sleep | French Linen bedding, navy/grey tones

Unless your new house is already designed in your dream style, don’t be too quick to spend your pennies on extrovert bed linen designs. If you’re ready to let go of your old bed linen, but not sure of a replacement, keep subtle and neutral until you know where your new house style is heading.

  • Our 100% Pure French Linen comes in a beautiful array of neutral tones.Whatever your style, you're bound to find a colour which suits you and your current new house design. If the style changes during a house refresh, they can make the perfect luxury spare bedroom treat!
  • Our 200TC Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen also comes in a lovely variety of neutral tones. A great buy that will be kind to the purse and will always come in handy for spare bedding between washes!

5. And finally... get that welcome home comfort in a new surrounding.

Home - chic, wooden decor

Moving is a change and for some, it’s good to keep certain things the same to make sure you get some sleep during the busy time. Treat yourself to getting all your bedding (pillows, duvets etc) cleaned, so that you can move in and set up your bed straight away. A bit of normality in a crazy unpacking haven.
Lastly, don’t forget to check out our bedding bundles to help you shop your bedding quickly at an even better price!


We hope you have found these tips useful for when you move house. We would love to hear your moving house tips too, so be sure to comment below!