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They say 'let sleeping dogs lie' but should they lie on your bed? What does sleeping in a bedroom or a bed with your dog actually mean for your sleep? And are there other benefits your dogs can bring to your life, which will improve your sleep, like mindfulness? We caught up with Yasmin, owner of Skye and Copper to see what she has to say: 

1) Do you let your dogs sleep on your bed or in your bedroom with you? 

When our dogs were younger, we trained them to sleep in their own bed or crate, but as they’ve gotten older, we allow them to sleep in bed with us on the weekends or whenever we’ve had a particularly rough day and could use some extra love and cuddles.


2) If so, what are the sleeping arrangements?

When Skye and Copper aren’t sleeping with us, they have their own bed in our landing that gives them a view to our room, so they still feel like we’re close by. When we do allow them to sleep with us, it’s a cuddle puddle on top of me! Skye is usually under the duvet nestled between my legs, while Copper insists on being spooned or wrapped in my arms.

3) Do you think you sleep better-having dogs in your bedroom? Do they wake you up in the night? 

I love sleeping with them because it brings me so much emotional love and comfort, but at the same time, I never want to disturb them when they’re sleeping which means I wake up in the morning feeling super stiff, having stayed in the same sleeping position all night. They sleep like rocks, they don’t move at all! But I think Kieran is the real winner, he gets to have the dogs in bed while keeping his personal space.

4) What benefits do your dogs add to your life?

There are so many. Apart from the unconditional love and affection, dogs are great for things such as anxiety. Both my husband and I have suffered with anxiety at some point in our lives, and having dogs has helped tremendously with it. Everything from keeping a consistent routine that forces you to take walks and be present in nature, to focusing your attention on a living animal that needs your care, and snuggling up with them and stroking their fur (which releases serotonin), our dogs have added so much to our lives!


5) Do you think they encourage you to exercise more yourself (taking them for walks, etc)? Do you have to stay relatively fit to have dogs?

Definitely! Although our dogs are tiny, they love their exercise. We’re lucky that they are adaptable and can easily go on a 5 mile hike or a Netflix marathon on the couch, but even still, we know what they prefer. Although my husband and I are outdoor people, having a dog definitely encourages you to get out and exercise more - rain or shine!

6) Do you think your dogs help you relax? Do you think dogs are good for mindfulness? 

Yes! I mentioned before that my Husband and I have both suffered with anxiety at different points in our lives, but having dogs and a routine that you follow really keeps you focused on them and on being present. My husband runs his own business called so he finds it especially important to switch off at the end of a day in front of a screen by relaxing with Skye and Copper. And when it comes to relaxing, there’s no better feeling than getting home after a long day to be greeted by unconditional love, kisses and cuddles. It really helps switch off from the stresses of the day - or in many people’s cases, 2020.

7) Why do you think so many people chose to get dogs during the lockdown? Do you think it's because they add happiness to a family? 

It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year, I think that people definitely want to spark joy wherever they can. That, combined with all of the extra time people are spending at home due to lockdown restrictions, meant a lot of people chose to get dogs. The most important tip we have for new dog owners during this time period is to practise separation anxiety training - it’ll make the transition of having to go back to work (in the future) that much smoother.


8) What advice would you give to somebody thinking about getting a new dog at Christmas? 

Research, research, research! Whether you’re adopting or getting a dog from a breeder, do your research to make sure your future dog will fit your family’s lifestyle and that you’re also ready to make changes and adapt your life to your dog’s needs. If you decide to get a dog through a breeder, make sure they’re reputable breeders that carry out regular health checks on their dogs and puppies. Ask to see your puppy interact with both parents.


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