How to make your bedroom feel bigger I Soak&Sleep

Here are Soak&Sleep’s six top tips to help you get the most out of your bedroom design…

Maximise your storage

We always advise to invest in the biggest bed available for your bedroom size to ensure you have room for the very best night’s sleep, but another benefit of a big bed is the storage it offers underneath. Choosing a divan with drawers is a great option for secret storage. Storing items under the bed is a great use of space, freeing up room elsewhere. If you don’t fancy items under your bed being on show, why not buy a valance to hide it away.

As well as storage under your bed, invest in stylish boxes you can show off in your room too. There are plenty of options out there that can suit your personal style such as contemporary or antique trunks, blanket boxes or storage box sets, all of which you can fill with items and close the lid….no one will ever know what’s inside!

Use mirrors


As well as maximising the storage options in your bedroom, creating the illusion of space is possible. A mirror is a great way to make your bedroom look bigger when incorporated into your bedroom design. Use a focal point and angle your mirror towards it to make the room feel deep. A mirror will also reflect light and make your room look brighter and illuminate dark corners.

Also consider your wall art carefully. A bold piece of wall art is a better choice in a small bedroom than lots of things on the wall as it will create a focal point for your eye, creating structure and depth.

Paint your walls light colours

In the same way a mirror will reflect light, so will lighter walls. So opt for pale paint colours, rather than dark ones which will absorb light and make the room feel smaller. Pale pink and soft sage green are very popular at the moment and will do a perfect job of illuminating your walls. Another clever paint trick you can use to make your space feel bigger is painting the ceilings a darker colour to lift the eye upwards, giving a feeling of height to space.

Visit our guide to find out how to decorate a bedroom using the psychology of bedroom colours.

Minimise the amount of furniture you have in your room 

It sounds obvious but having less furniture in your room will make it feel bigger. It can be hard to achieve in a bedroom, but think about things like whether you need two bedside tables, or will one do? Instead of having bedside tables holding a lamp, can you invest in wall hung lighting or Edison bulbs hung from the ceiling instead? If you have a freestanding mirror, can you opt for one that is hung on the wall instead? Can you build shelving around your bed frame? Not only will this provide you with storage and a bedside table solution but having the bed recessed in shelving will make the room feel bigger by adding depth. Try mixing up your bedroom décor ideas and styles and see what works for your space.

Rattan style bedroom

Keep clutter off the floor

In a small room, you want to create the illusion of space, so keep free space as free as possible. Simple things you can do are expose the legs of your bed so that there is air to flow around your bed frame. Don’t let your curtains touch the floor - the pooling fabric of full-length curtains take up space and create a cluttered feel. Keep your floor tidy and put things in storage boxes or tucked well underneath your bed if necessary.

Use light coloured bedding

As your bed is likely to be the largest item in your room, it will become the focal point, so you want to ensure it helps add to the feeling of space, rather than dominates the room. Stay away from overly patterned sheets and duvet sets, opting for lighter colours in simple designs like this French Linen bed linen in blush pink. Try to match the bedding to your curtains to create synergy in the room and a simple visual for your eye to take in.


So there are our top tips for making your bedroom feel bigger. Play around with styles and rearrange furniture until your room makes you feel happy. Afterall, your bedroom is a place to unwind and relax and making it feel like an organised and clutter-free haven will help you do just that.