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Our #GetColourful campaign has launched and we want to help you add a splash of colour into your lives! From luxury towels to cosy lightweight bed throws and summer sheets, our aim is to inspire all our customers to use more colour throughout their homes, making this summer pop!

How to add colour to your bedroom

Using colour in your homes can be more than just a pretty touch. Different colours emote thoughts and feelings through our colour psychology - ‘how our brains perceive what it sees’. Colour is said to have a huge impact on the brain and our decision making. So, we felt our #GetColourful campaign would be the best way to brighten up everyone’s summer bedroom décor.

Three of our favourite colours are teal, blush pink and our whimsical blue floral print. Scroll down and find out more about why we love these shades of sleep...

Teal 100% Pure - French Linen Bedding

Classic and simple, the beauty of this Teal bedding comes entirely from the quality of the linen we use. The rich, warm tone allows you to feel calm and comfortable. So sit back and relax into these blooming, blue sheets.

Prices From: £30.00


Blush Pink 100% Pure - French Linen Bedding

Woven from French flax, we've made this linen bedding ever so cosy and inviting. So soften your frustration and feel content in our Blush Pink sheets, to make your mornings a bright, rosy bliss.

Prices From: £28.00


Sea Green Herringbone - Pure Wool Throw

Made with pure new wool by Tweedmill, this blissfully chilled-out throw is perfect for adding an extra layer on a cold night or enhancing your bedroom design by adding a splash of soft sea-green.

Prices From: £56


Luxury Egyptian Cotton - Towels

Available in a variety of shades, our Egyptian Cotton Towels can be used to add that pop of colour to your bathroom design, or to place a beautifully folded stack at the end of the bed for guests. Whilst also being indulgently soft, absorbent and durable.

Prices From: £3.5


So what are you waiting for? Go and browse our ‘Get Colourful’ products to embrace your bright side!

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