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Indulge in an extra large bath sheet! Our mammoth luxury large bath towels are big enough to wrap around a gaggle of small children - or two grown-ups!

If the standard bath sheet wasn’t big enough for you, trust us – here’s the solution. Our generously sized extra large bath sheets measure 100 x 200cm… putting them among the biggest in Britain (and we've looked and looked!).

They’re made from combed Egyptian cotton terry but it's the weight that's something special - at 700gsm, these are thick and plushy. The heavier weight on our extra large bath sheets provides you with better absorbency and drying power, so they’re perfect in a family bathroom (especially if they’re likely to be used a few times in a day!).

Handy tip: If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the spa experience at home, or wrap yourself in mud and cellophane, here’s the large bath towel to finish the job. Add some candles and peculiar music and you’ll be transported to a fancy salon!

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