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Just think of all the hours you'll spend on it. Then buy the very best single mattress you can afford - it's an investment that will pay you back.

At each end of the price scale, we've designed the options with thought and care. Choose between our jaw-droppingly good pocket sprung mattresses, or the well-priced open sprung mattresses. You'll pay less for a quality single mattress here, because we manufacture and sell direct to you. You can't go wrong with Soak&Sleep.

Our bedding expert says: "All our mattresses are standard UK sizing so you don't have to buy new bed linen (unless you want to of course)! Our single mattresses (sometimes referred to as a twin in other countries) are 90cm x 190cm (3ft 0" x 6ft 3"). Did you know that it gives you more room than half a double?"

Handy tips: Save even more money! If your single mattress is already OK, you could just add a topper - for better comfort and hygiene. Easy to wash and cheap to replace, too!

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