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  1. Egyptian Towel Bundles - 4 Packs
    Soft, strong & super absorbent luxury
    £28.50 - £83.50
  2. Egyptian Towel Bundles - 2 x Face Cloths, 2 x Hand Towels, 2 x Bath Towels
    Soft, strong & super absorbent luxury
    RRP £48.00 Save 15%
    £41.00 - £44.00

2 Items

Set Descending Direction

If you expect brilliance for your buck, you're in the right place! Our towel sets are surprisingly fabulous…
And just look at those prices! An affordable towel set is ideal for stocking up the airing cupboard, or sending off to university (for a degree in H2O absorption). But you’ll be stunned by the greatness that we managed to cram in.
Our thick and fluffy towels make brilliant basics with a real luxury finish.
You'll receive a bale of four towels: two hand towels (50 x 100cm), and two bath towels (70 x 140cm).

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