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200 Thread Count Bedding

It's called 'classic' because that's what it is - the bed linen that Britain was built on. For years 'Egyptian cotton' (200 thread count) was the gold standard for sheets and duvet covers.

But now cotton farming has evolved, manufacturing has improved, and a retailer who cares about quality can produce much, much finer 200 thread count cotton. Our 200 thread count bedding is made from cotton by growers who really care about the yarns. That explains why it's softer, suppler, and more durable than ever before. If you want a basic bed linen bundle you can't really beat this stuff.

Our expert says: "200 thread count sheets have always been considered luxurious, but it's our thinnest and most basic bed linen. That's a distinct advantage to lots of people! For example, if you like soft, floaty sheets, you want to iron faster, you don't have a lot to spend, or you need to buy a lot - 200 thread count bedding is still an excellent quality basic that will last for ages."