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  1. Revival Recycled Hollowfibre Duvet
    Recycled & sustainable fill
    £15.00 - £30.00
  2. Supremely Soft As Down Duvet
    Synthetic fill that feels like down
    £28.00 - £143.00
  3. Ultimate Microfibre With Silk Duvet
    Breathable fill that feels like down
    £45.00 - £169.00

3 Items

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Polyester duvets have really come along in the past few years, and at Soak&Sleep we're really proud of our man-made duvet fillings.

Easy to care for, polyester filled duvets cope with almost anything you throw at them, so they're perfect for kids and teenagers.

Designed to mimic feather and down fillings, there are some very convincing synthetic duvet options available, perfect if you want the feel of down but prefer the price of a polyester duvet or if you suffer from allergies to feather and down.

Choose a hollowfibre duvet for a springier, lofty feeling, similar to the feeling of wool, or microfibre if you want a softer, squidgier duvet, similar to a silk-filled duvet.

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