Bed hoggers are beaten! Your Emperor mattress is even more irresistible with an Emperor mattress topper...

Emperor size mattresses measure 200cm x 200cm (79" x 79"). That's a lot of topper... so we had to think hard about what to stuff in it! We needed to make an Emperor mattress topper that wouldn't be impossible to secure to the bed (even with one person). So we had a brilliant idea. We used our famously light and fluffy Canadian down. Despite the size of the Emperor mattress topper, Canadian down turns it into a surprisingly light, lofty topper.

It's constructed with two layers, to give you support beneath and cushiony softness above. In the bottom layer, a chamber of Hutterite goose feathers produces firmer texture. The top layer is a cloudy waft of down...

Warning: Your Emperor bed will now become irresistible to the entire family. So if you don't want to spend your Sunday lie-in with the kids and pets, it might be better to downsize the mattress - or wash the topper on a Saturday!

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