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400 Thread Count Bedding

It’s easy to see why our range of 400 thread count bedding is so popular - it feels beautifully rich and smooth and has a luxurious drape which adds an extra sense of luxury to any bedroom. Choose from a full range of 400tc bedding, such as 400 thread count sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers

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What is 400 thread count fabric? 

All woven fabrics are made with vertical threads and horizontal threads. The thread count of a fabric is the total number of these vertical and horizontal threads woven into a square inch of woven fabric. This means that 400 thread count fabric has 400 individual threads woven into a square inch. 

Is 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton good?

Thread count isn’t the only factor to consider when you’re thinking about bedtime luxury - the quality of the fibre and the way the fibre has been spun plays a large part too. All Soak&Sleep 400 thread count bed linen is made with authentic Egyptian Cotton and woven into a smooth sateen weave so it feels blissfully smooth and light to sleep under.