Bohemian Bedding

Bohemian bedding means different things to different people, so mix and match ranges and shades for an indulgent and confident appearance that’s full of visual interest. As well as our bohemian bed sheets, we have a stunning range of throws and bedspreads to add variety and impact to your bedroom.

Customer Reviews

How can I create a bohemian style bedroom?

A mixture of pillowcase shapes and sizes can help reinforce a bohemian bedroom look, especially if you jumble up the textures and tones. Layer on an indulgent duvet cover or add a variety of throws and rich bedspreads to create a that’s as opulent and inviting as it is bohemian. 

How many times should you change your bed sheets?

Keep your bohemian themed bedroom at its best by regularly changing your bed sheets and airing your bedding. We’d recommend you wash your bed linen at least fortnightly – or even better weekly. Air your duvet, pillowcases and mattress while you wash your bedding for an even fresher bedroom. Find out more about caring for your bed and bedding in our care guide