Double Mattress Toppers

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Go from boring to brilliant bedding in seconds - just slap on a double mattress topper to rejuvenate your mattress.

Suddenly, your bed's a haven again! Perhaps add a new set of bed linen and the makeover's complete. We've got loads of double mattress toppers for you to choose from. Can we interest you in top-notch feather and down? Maybe a splash of decadent silk? Or a warm and cosy wool-stuffed double mattress topper?

Some of the toppers are thicker than others, so check the descriptions before buying. Silk, wool and cotton are slimmer than the microfibre toppers, and they provide a firmer finish. If you choose a thicker topper - such as the luxury feather and down or microfibre - it's probably worth adding an extra-deep sheet to your basket, to accommodate the extra depth on the bed.

Our expert says: "Double bed mattress toppers are exactly the same size as a standard double mattress: 135 x 190cm (4ft 6" x 6ft 3"). It's important to match the size to your bed - unlike duvets, which you can scale up - because our double bed toppers have elastic corner straps or skirts to hold them snugly in place - so grab a tape measure and make sure your mattress is a standard double."

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