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King Size Bedding

Sleep like royalty with our king size bed linen. With an extensive range of fabrics, colours and styles, it’s easy to find the king size sheets you need to transform your bedroom and your night’s sleep. Remember that using a king size bed set or duvet and duvet cover on a double bed is a fabulous way of staying comfortable in bed – the perfect solution for a restful night’s sleep.

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Customer Reviews 

What fabrics can be used to make king size bed linen?

The Soak&Sleep range of king size bed linen includes a range of products made with one thing in mind – helping you get a blissful night’s sleep. Choose from decadent Egyptian Cotton, casual French Linen, smooth Indian Cotton and chilled-out easy-care bed linen. Find out more about our range of fabrics in our bed linen buying guide.

Why is linen good for bedding?

Linen is good for bedding because it is soft and has the added benefit of being especially great at helping you regulate your body temperature as you sleep. This is because linen readily absorbs moisture from its immediate environment – by wicking away the moisture that surrounds your sleeping body, you’ll sleep more comfortably, whatever the time of year.