Silk Pillowcases vs Cotton Pillowcases I Soak&Sleep

Everyone’s bedtime routine is different, from meditation to a soak in the tub, but have you ever thought about the impact what you’re sleeping on has to do with your beauty regime? Well, studies have shown that there actually is such a thing as beauty sleep. Here’s how Soak&Sleep could help you to feel a million dollars every morning.

Sleeping on Luxury Silk Pillow Cases

Silk is hydrophobic, meaning that, unlike cotton, it doesn’t like to absorb moisture despite it being nice and breathable. While this doesn’t improve the condition of your skin and hair, it does leave both hydrated, which in turn helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines on your skin, and keeps your hair looking glossy and fabulous – perfect for winter months that can cause dryness and if you suffer from dry skin on a daily basis.

Sleeping on silk pillowcases can also help with hair health to a certain degree, reducing the likelihood of split ends, tangles, and knots, and even reducing frizz. This is because of the super smooth material - your hair glides across the fabric, while cotton has more friction and hair moves less easily during the night.

Because of silk’s slippery nature, blow dries, braids and curly hair are renowned to fair better during the night too, making your trip to the salon last that much longer.


Our Mulberry silk bed linen is made from pure high-grade silk that is not only proportionally stronger than steel, but it’s also gentle on the hair, skin and if cared for properly, will last a long time. So make the most of those 8 hours by keeping skin and hair looking their best for the day ahead while getting in a full REM cycle.

Pro tip! Be careful about claims made about silk bedding, while it is great at keeping your skin and hair hydrated, it won’t add hydration, help with skin conditions such as acne or put nutrients into your hair.

How is it different sleeping on cotton?

Cotton, on the other hand, is absorbent, which is great for balmy weather because it draws moisture away from your skin to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. With a variety of thread counts and types of cotton on the market, there’s an option for all types of sleepers. Not only is cotton a great fabric for bedding, but it’s also a popular filling for duvets, pillows, protectors, blankets and much much more.


Looking to give silk a try? Make sure you keep it in the best condition by reading our 6 top tips to caring for your sleep sheets. 

With a full range of fabrics, colours sizes and patterns, Soak&Sleep can help you drift off in style with bed linen that suits your personality, and helps you get the best nights sleep - every night.