Bath Time Benefits

Here at Soak&Sleep, we love to have a good soak in a nice, warm bath. After all, it’s half of who we are! So, being that today is Bathtub Day; a day on which we can celebrate the sacred time we spend in our lovely bathtubs – we investigated how our bath time benefits our well-being, as if we really needed any more reason to run one!


Let’s start with the obvious. One of the main reason you choose to have a bath is to relax and there are some major benefits to this. Bathing yourself in warm water helps to relax your sore and tired muscles after a long day by increasing your body temperature. In turn, this physical state helps to relax you mentally too, which is ideal to watch the stresses of your day melt away, and prepare you for a good nights sleep. Don’t forget your soft snuggly robe after your soak! 

Skin Care

We all try our best to take good care of our skin (we put it through a lot after all!), and by bathing, the pours in our skin can open up. This allows for a deeper cleansing experience, ridding ourselves of dirt and toxins and leaving us feeling cleaner.

Having a bath can also make your skin feel softer and more supple through it’s moisturising benefits. We may not like it when we get all pruney, but this happens because our skin is absorbing more water than normal, which actually helps to prevent it drying out. Use a supima towel to dry yourself off, these absorb water faster then the ones off the high street. 


We can all feel the sense of relaxation from a bath, and see the benefits it can have on our skin, but there are also a number of health benefits that a good old soak can provide. By submerging yourself up to your neck in water, you help to increase the capacity of your heart by putting physical pressure on your body, similar to that of some light exercise. The hot water has also been shown to lower your blood pressure too. And in addition to this, bathing in a hot tub can help reduce your levels of blood sugar and glucose, resulting in a loss of body weight. No membership fees required.

And with winter quickly approaching and those inevitable coughs and colds circulating, unfortunately a bath won’t cure these BUT they can help deal with the symptoms. I won’t go into the grisly details of how it can, but try having 10 to 15 minute soak next time you have a cold or flu. You’ll feel the benefits.

So there you have it, whether its a quick morning dip, or a hour evening ritual to escape the kids, baths are proven not only to be relaxing but beneficial to your well-being, who’d have thought!

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What is your favourite thing about having a good soak?