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Super King Duvet Covers & Bed Sets

Stretch out in sublime luxury. Our super king duvet covers are as blissful as our other sizes, but with even more of that luxurious fabric!

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Customer Review

Beautiful super king duvet covers

Slide yourself under a Soak&Sleep super king duvet cover at the end of the day and relish the attention to detail that goes into every range. With high-end details such as elegant marrow stitching, duvet ties instead of poppers and a host of high thread count fabrics to choose from, your super king bed will feel and look at its very best. 

How big is a super king duvet cover?

Our superking size duvet covers measure 260cm x 220cm (8ft 6” x 7ft 2”). Use it to cover your super king duvet and make your bed look wonderfully inviting. If your duvet is measuring larger than 260cm x 220cm, you might need an Emperor size duvet cover. Find out more about our range of duvet cover sizes in our size guide.