A Silk Story: From Production to Product

Many of our lovely Soak&Sleep customers like to hear exactly how their products are made…and rightly so! This is why we’re here to share our knowledge of the fascinating production process of our beautiful Mulberry and Tussah Silk products and let you into all the secrets it holds. So, without further ado, let’s transport you to where the magic happens…

The process
Our Silkworms are busy feeding on their Mulberry or Mongolian Oak leaves and as they eat, they start to spin. Just 48 hours later they become completely cocooned in a ball. The worms which have been feeding on Mulberry leaves create Mulberry Silk cocoons which contain long, thin fibres. Tussah Silk cocoon fibres are thicker and shorter, created by the worms that feed on Mongolian Oak leaves. And it’s these two types of cocoons which are then transformed into Silk.

What happens to the Silkworms you may ask? Well, these too are transformed (don’t worry, not into silk) into a Silk Moth.

So now the Silkworms have played their part and started a new life as a Moth, it’s up to our factory to work their magic. Each cocoon is hand-picked, making sure only the best of the bunch is then placed into a bath of hot water allowing them to loosen. The Mulberry silk is then reeled and spun, this process results in the Silk maintaining a single strong fibre and is then hung out to dry in the warm East Asian Sun. The Tussah silk is left fluffy and thick. This hand-picked process ensures our factory produces the perfect collection of raw Silk. Both Silk’s are then carefully made into the most beautiful array of Silk products.  

The Difference Between the two Silk’s
Mulberry and Tussah silk each provide different benefits as well as being more suitable for different product ranges. Tussah silk production relies more on machine production and contains thicker fibres to enhance warmth, perfect for filled products. This Tussah silk is a hollow fibre, containing a long hollow centre which runs down the length of the fibre, which means despite the thickness, it’s still breathable. Our Mulberry Silk contains soft, smooth fibres of the highest quality which carry vibrant colours and feel sensational, great for Bed Linen.

And what’s even better… both Silk fibres are natural, meaning there are no nasty chemicals and are great for healthy skin and hair. Both Mulberry and Tussah Silk are the perfect fabrics to help your skin maintain its natural moistures and aid to reduce the skin’s red or puffy appearance. Silk is well known for its beauty benefits and this is due to its fibres being natural and strong.  The fibres contain the natural proteins and amino acids required in the human diet. These Proteins and amino acids are often used as an additive in skin and hair care products due to their moisturising characteristics. Sleeping with Silk products at night can help regulate body temperature, so is great for couples who have varying body temperatures at night.

Soak&Sleep’s Silk

Soak&Sleep incorporate Tussah silk within our filled departments. Our luxurious Pure Silk Duvets and pillows contain 100% Tussah silk – a breathable filling for keeping cool yet has a weighty feel to keep you feeling snuggly.  Our Pure Silk Pillows also contain 100% Tussah, they are luxuriously lightweight perfect for back and side sleepers. For a higher and more supportive pillow or those who sleep on their back, it may be best to double up your Silk Pillow.

Dress your beautiful silk duvet and pillows in our Luxury Mulberry Silk Bed Linen. The silky, soft texture of our Mulberry Silk Bed Linen allows your head and body to glide across the pillow during the night, preventing pulling out hair or creating creasing on the skin. The fabric doesn’t absorb moisture, so helps to stop your hair from breaking and your skin becoming dry (we’ve heard it can even help prevent wrinkles…amazing!). This Silk Linen is available in Antique Silver and Ivory, the colours are a great balance of subtle and vibrant, and the Mulberry silk enhances this.

To add the finishing touches and complete the Silk story, our Ultimate Silk Bedspreads are a Mulberry Silk dream. They’re lightweight and soft, but can add texture and colour to the room, helping you shop the perfect Silk look. Not forgetting our Mulberry Silk Eye Masks which can help you drift into tranquil sleep heaven, whilst leaving your skin feel replenished.

Although our Mulberry bedspreads can be machine washed and tumble dried, due to the luxury of Silk products we recommend taking extra care when washing. Our Mulberry Silk Bed Linen should be hand washed to avoid any damage to the high-quality fabric. Please avoid washing Silk with any biological detergents as they contain enzymes that can destroy the fibres.

At Soak&Sleep we believe everyone deserves to be pampered. And if the occasional massage or candlelit bath isn’t cutting it, silk is clearly the answer. Silk products can mean pamper night is every night – just by simply climbing into bed. So, our silk should be top of the list for any beauty lovers or anyone who simply wants to indulge in luxury each night.

There really are no excuses not to fall in love with Silk. So, if you’re a Silk lover – please let us know your list of reasons silk is the one on FacebookInstagram or Twitter #soakandsleep.